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hi all...
coming back to pagalguy after a long time..
i have a small interest in improving my vocab always...and keep searching the net for stuff that can be useful and innovative..
have tried locating the perfect thread which highlights visual vocab but could not find one..so thought wo...
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@akmhl Homonyms: Two words are homonyms if they are pronounced or spelled the same way but have different meanings & Homograph : Two words are homographs if they are spelled the same way but differ in meaning (e.g. fair)
@[473681:TheChaser] Awesome
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can anyone suggest me any resource for learning "HOMOPHONES".
the You Tube Vocab channel at wordpandit. com is also very innovative way to learn words...
We have many good vocab building websites like wordpandit, wordnik, dictionary reference, mnemonic dictionary, etc. These are all very good.
But I like the work of wordpandit the most. The theme of the site is visual vocabulary which is very innovative. I like the way the site teaches us the w...
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its good dude
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I think SMS services have been blocked. I am not sure.
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I am already subscribed to it through Google Channels..
They were active before....I can the last sms by them was on April 1, 2012
and before that on 28-November-2011.
So, they have also suspended their services...
I think MNEMONICDICTIONARY.COM has a facility of sending sms per day. Try.
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Hey Puys,
Is there any site available which send Word of the Day SMS's to our phones in India ?
Previously, I remember , there used to be lot's of sites providing this..
But, now..It has stopped..
like, MyToday , Google SMS Channels and 160by2 (something like this, not sure).
really nice
You Can refer to DICTIONARY.COM
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Yes for pronunciation you can look up for referencedictionary. com and for visual learning you can use wrodpandit. com
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Is there any site which not only shows the syllables but also plays the correct pronunciation for each word ?
This is easy, These are all prepositions.
In: used to indicate inclusion within space, a place, or limits or occurrence during a period. Example: Walking in the park, in ancient times, etc.
At: used to indicate a point or place occupied in space or presence or location. Example: to ...
Can anyone tell me when to use the following words?
hi avinash
you can use wordpandit.com to improve your vocab, its a pretty indepth thing for vocab and cat english
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I don't know if this has been brought to your notice earlier....
This a link for downloading audio wordlist, spectacular way to enhance your vocab. One must try this, it's very simple you can use this by adding to your phone & listening whenever you feel free..
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Can any one help me how to improve usage of words section in CAT? and Any any resources if you have?
can anyone elaborate the diff b?w homonyms and homographs???