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hi all...
coming back to pagalguy after a long time..
i have a small interest in improving my vocab always...and keep searching the net for stuff that can be useful and innovative..
have tried locating the perfect thread which highlights visual vocab but could not find one..so thought wo...
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Hi Puys !! I know vocabulary play a very important role in CAT. A good vocabulary can easily fetch good percentile in CAT-2013. But I also understand its very difficult to learn all the words in short span of time. Even if you learn, you tend to forget words during exams.Thinking about this. I ca...
guys we are officially into CAT season now..lets start learning some words..what say? lets start some vocab thread game..where we keep posting words and their mnemonics..any ideas? anyone up for it???
Which method do you use to learn words?
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spectramind07 Done done.My votes have been registered now!!! :) . 25 Apr '13.
sdluk for me by word roots. 27 Apr '13.
a few mnemonics to kick off vocab prep for cat-2013
FortitudeForty +attitudeJab kisi mein forty logon ka dum ho to usmein fortitude 100 logon se ladne ka aa jata hai.. Jaise humare sunny deol bhaiya!
ForestallFour + stallEk se bure do ,do se bure fourAgar ek sath four lambe aadmi ek ricks...
Leeza wow! such a nice way to build vocab...keep up the gud wor.... 13 Apr '13.
guys the new pagalguy style certainly seems to be catchier than before..lets start discussing vocab in some new and interesting ways as well..what say??
@varathawins i think what you can do is go in for second hand material of these institutes, since that is pretty cheap, around 1000 you should be able to get it..since majority of the material or in fact almost all the material is same every year, money should not be a concern
hello everybody. i'm varatharaj doing pre final year in mechanical engineering in coimbatore(tamilnadu).Right from the day i know about cat i started dreaming being an IIM er! MBA is my passion. im preparing for CAT 2013. As i was from a lower middle class background i cant afford to pay the coac...
Any other standard wordlist will do.IMS vocab book for exanple.
my top two vocabulary learning books:1. word power made easy2. six weeks to words of power
any more recos????
@faizy89 your welcome...wordpandit is truly an awesome way to learn..i have some more links to share..will post those as well...
@smartppc thanks a lot..just checked all the links provided by you...amazing stuff, specially wordpandit...thanks again...!
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guys CAT 2013 season has more or less kickstarted..!!!time we start buzzing our braincells with some vocabulary tit-bits..!!!what say? lets make this thread live again...
@Pratishruti could you please mail me 2 the CR bible...pratiksingh28@yahoo.in..
The link is not working.Could you please mail me the audio list.
give me your mail id..
guys any links for vocab to make it stronger... plzzzz provide sm gd linkss
hi ...can someone hv 1000 CR/RC bible to me.
pls ping me.
@missionCAT13 Thanks :)
Important Vocab Book..
rar file
@kushagra_15 http://www.carlscorner.us.com/Homophones/Homophones%20word%20list.pdf
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