Sentence making with words Verbal

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I think this is one of the best ways not to forget ie make a sentence of your own and write it somewhere. Other method is of course Prefix-Root-Suffix.
Here is my word
Indefatigable: Meaning: Determined,Untiring,Unflagging
Sentence: If we have to become successful in life,...
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meaning: fill quickly beyond capacity; to cover with water, especially floodwaters
context: the theatre was inundated with requests for tickets.
encore :- again, once more, a demand, a performance in response to such a demand, rematch.
Usage :-
The climatic finish of this match nearly encored the last one. (repetition)
This match is an encore of the final match which ended in a draw yesterday. (rematch)
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@All : I feel we should not concentrate only on the literal meaning of a word. Rather we should try and find what other meaning it could have. Coz generally its not the literal meaning which is required.
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thnx ...well may b its used for +ve .. i just went by the literal meaning ..
I am not sure this is a grammatically correct statement. Could you please check it again.
I feel goad as a word is used more in a positive connotation generally.
Being an elder one, he goaded his brother to give up on smoking.
PS : Please correct me if i am wrong.
Belligerent: warlike, aggressively hostile.
During the dialogue between the two nations, one of them maintained a consistent belligerent tone prompting the other nation to resort to extreme measures.
meaning: to impress upon the mind of another;instill
polticians tried to inculcate values into the young generation
goad- irritate
the people who continuously boast about themselves goad me .
correct me if i m wrong .. :)
i think its correct ravishin as far as i know
but if any one finds the mistake pls let me know
good idea on a roll.... here is my word
vent - an opening.
that is an easy one to start with, every one knows about ventilator
Usage :
India made a severe in-road on South Africa, as soon as they got a vent in form of the part time bowler.
Is this sentence gramatically correct adithya? Iam not quite sure about this. Please do respond.
predilection-strong liking for something
i am having a predilection for bikes ..
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To seize (private property) for the public treasury.
Seized by a government; appropriated.
the police confiscated the stolen paintings.
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Privy : participating in the knowledge of something private or secret
The police weren't privy to the findings by the special detectives.
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word: gauche
tactless;socially awkward
feeling that his question was somewhat gauche, he smiled angrily.
he felt gauche in the group discussion as he is not aware on the topic given. ( if its wrong pls correct it).
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Garrulous: Talkative
She was (in)famous for being garrulous.
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censure means to criticize harsly or disapprove
censor means to official authorized to suppress books, films, news etc
censure- Harsh criticism or disapproval
For eg- censuring the government on the floor of the house
censor- Forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper)
For eg- censor board
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hi everyone...here is a new point to ponder upon.
What is the difference between censure and censor??
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