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Hey folks.
3 weeks to CAT..
VA/RC your bugbear? Ask any VA related query here...
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Edit 1: No questions like what is the superlative adjunct to the simple future that maybe used with an intransitive verb?... They do...
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My take!!!!!!
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The answer to which of the following questions is p...
Taking an aspirin can reduce the pain of a migraine headache within two hours, research says. Researchers found that a single dose of aspirin also reduces nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light or sound - other symptoms of a migraine. In the review, which looked at the data from 4,222 particip...
my answers C) B&D;
E) All of these
E) A
I thought to post my final reply. May be it could help the readers.
Hey, there is a difference in using (,) and avoiding it.
1) For many years, (i) it was thought that all of our brain cells are produced before birth, or exceptionally, up to one or two years after birth.
2) For many year...
Use of comma after exceptionally is correct. It does not change the meaning. It has nothing to do with meaning! It is just correct usage...as in..."In some cases, such and such thing happens." Even though the entire sentence deals with the same thing, the comma after cases is necessary.
About ...
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Hey SX,
Glad to see your reply.
Exceptionally, however, DOES fit in because it indicates that only in exceptional cases does the process continue upto one or two years after birth
In that case we should write : "...all of our brain cells (neurons) (ii) are produced before birth, or exce...
Hey! First time on this thread. There are some really interesting discussions going on here! Anyways here is my take on this question:
I agree with kinji's OA, which is option 3.
Exceptionable means objectionable or something that you can take an exception to. So obviously that doesn't fit ...
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May be the VA stalwarts can comment on your doubts, as i am also in the learning (read VA pathetic scores) phase.
Hey kin,
I've certain doubts. Hope you won't mind clarifying them.
For many years, (i) it was thought (that) all of our brain cells (neurons) (ii) are produced before birth, (up to one or two years after birth). But then the process supposedly stopped. From then on, most brain scientists be...
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OA: Option 3)
There is no error in phrases iii, iv and v.
There are grammatical errors in phrases i and ii.
In phrase i, the error is in the use of the preposition about after thought. In this sentence, the correct usage would have been thought that. This is because that introduces the ...
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My take : Option 1
Hey !
visit the link :
lie in bed or lie on bed - Topic Powered by Social Strata
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Hey Abhi,
It's my first post after an unwanted hiatus of almost a year. Glad you asked this.
'In bed' is an idiomatic expression meaning beneath the sheets of the bed.
If the doc advises his/her patient to stay/lie in bed, it means the patient is asked to rest. However, 'on bed' is an e...
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OA : option 1)
"OPV is no longer used in the United States.... because the few cases of polio that were occurring were caused by the OPV vaccine itself and not the wild virus." It can be thus inferred that OPV is used to combat the wild virus. Hence the inference follows that the US has got r...
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Mark the error(s) in the following sentences.
For many years, (i) it was thought about all of our brain cells (neurons) (ii) are produced before birth, or exceptionably, up to one or two years after birth, but then the process supposedly stopped. From then on, most brain scientists believed...
Mee too vouching for 1)
My take 5)
OA : Option 3)
The question stem is important here. It asks us to state what meaning Anushka made of Sakshi's statement.
The statement that Anushka made in the main data would be appropriate only if Sakshi had said, All of the students at Willson college come from Seventh Day High Sc...
The polio vaccine is administered in two ways: IPV is given as a shot in the arm or leg; OPV is given as an oral liquid. OPV is no longer used in the United States, but is still given in other parts of the world where polio is common. The change to an all-IPV schedule in the United States occu...