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Guys I feel this is the best way to improve your vocab. So each one of you please post atleast 1 mnemonic for the day so that we can cover ample number of words by cat .. lets start
1. coquette -- remember shriman shrimati ji .. usme koki ji thi jinke saath unka neighbour flirt karta tha
cyberjadugar Check out the page - facebook.com/EdPrep for more mnemonics. 20 Jul '13.
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Agape : Wide open, in a state of wonder and amazement

Mnemonics :: Agape ~ a + gap; an opened mouth has gap between lips and hence agape

.: Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever  :.
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    Alcove : a small recess opening off a larger room, bayMnemonics :: alcove ~ a cave; reminds us of a cave which has a small opening
    Quash - to completely stop from happening.
    nikibeck indian cash ke rate kam hone oar mere sare USA ghumne k p.... 29 Jun '13.
    Gault Traffic quashed all our hopes for visiting a zoo. 30 Jun '13.
    apathetic - Tepid,uninterested.
    nikibeck indifferent, how can some be apathetic towards the miseri.... 29 Jun '13.
    @shattereddream@chanchal15 their is one more book for vocab which is also very good by Norman lewis and Wilfred Funk if u need it i may send it to u i have ebook
    Please forward it on mamta1019@gmail.com
    nikibeck hehehe...mujhe bhi plzz hmm.. i have pm-ed you my id . 29 Jun '13.
    rpjmba plz plz send me too on rajeshjadhav456@gmail.com. 29 Jun '13.
    Attenuate:make thin,weakenmnemonic- at ten + u+ ate,if u will eat only at 10 in a day u will become thin(attenuate)
    sam.arora deviation from normal-. 24 Jul '13.
    abhor: can be read as ab or nahi
    means complete hatred.
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    Salubrious- Health-giving; healthy: "salubrious weather".
    Mnemonic- Just like Sallu miyan (apne Salman Bhai, always healthy)
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    Meaning of some words ve can remember by their opposite word: For Ex: 1) Bashful : ye garrulous ka opposite h..nd ve kno garrulous means extremely talkative.. 2) Impugn : ye defend ka opposite h..nd ve kno wt defend means.. 3) Ostensible : opposite of "Real" 4) Apocryphal : Opposite of "auth...
    nikibeck apocryphal = doubtful of its authenticity . 29 Jun '13.
    nikibeck impugn means doubting somebody's honesty/ integrity/ trut.... 29 Jun '13.
    @aspirekv gregarious person is one who like to be in groups..u can undrstnd in this way :-)
    Two words from me for today : stolid -- having no passion candid -- honest
    nikibeck stolid= stove par lid, makes it passionless . 29 Jun '13.
    nikibeck stolid= calm , dependent , showing little emotion . 29 Jun '13.
    srry did not get the funda behind "gregarious"
    kooks123 gregarious means smone who enjoys being with other people.... 17 May '13.
    Jagganath temple me vishal rath yatra hoti hai!
    Word: juggernaut
    Meaning: a very large truck
    Usage: The city is surrounded by juggernauts disturbing the peace of citizens.
    ji aapka ladka badda hi ghul mil ke rahta hai!
    Word: gregarious
    Meaning: one who enjoys the company of pe...
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