GRAMMAR - A topic a day ( CAT 2012 ) Verbal

Let's just do atleast one topic a day from Grammar. I say VA gives a due weightage to sentence Correction questions. So let's put a hand together on it....!!!!! [smiley]
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GMAT verbal is a different ball game.CAT VA is very easy compared to that of GMAT.GMAT RCs are easier.But the CR and SC of GMAT is a monster.You can do well in CAT if you are a good reader and have covered some other aspects.
Can someone please help me with the errors in the following statements and the reasons.1. A knowledge/ of Sanskrit/ may be helpful/ to chant slokas.2. The new tapes/ highlight C TV's/ Barkha Verma's clout/ with the Congress party.3.The new teacher/ told the principal that/ the behavior of the cl...
she is used in subjective case whereas her is use in objective case
can someone explain use of 'she/her'
ADVERBS: How adverbs are formed
1. In most cases, an adverb is formed by adding '-ly' to an adjective:
Adjective Adverb
cheap cheaply
quick quickly
slow slowly
* Time goes quickly.
* He walked slowly to the door.
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Adverbs modify, or tell us more about other words, usually verbs:
* The bus moved slowly.
* The bears ate greedily.
Sometimes they tell us more about adjectives:
* You look absolutely fabulous!
They can also modify other adv...
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puys...wats the basic difference between the english of CAT and GMAT ??is it true CAT uses more of day to day english whereas GMAT more of business type of english..For an example is the following sentence grammatically correct?A waiter was serving drinks in a blue dress..As regards me i think se...
It is " The condition of the country's athletes/has worsened"
Or you can say specifically "the condition of a country's athletes depends on the facilities etc,."
[Correct me if Iam wrong.....]
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please tell if both sentences are correct in terms of usage:
The condition of a country's athletes/ has worsened.
were is ok?...can u plz share the complete rule?..
i am not sure what you are asking...if your doubt is whether - "If I Were....- plural "were" is correct, then its perfectly fine to signify hypothetical scenario.
Hope this helps !!
he looks as if he "were" weary...is this correct usage?..is this followed in CAT also..this form is used in American Englisg...puys any idea?
plz quote the rule used(with links/refernces)
I posted an explanation here : http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/verbal-ability/sentence-correction-cat-2012-t-74732/p-3051705?page=77 Hope this helps !!
puys, plz help me with the foll statements:
PIck a suitable fill:
1) Good students like you and he/him should study regularly.
2)what can we do to stop them/their worrying about us.
PS: plz provide the logic also
Which vs That"that" is basically used for non-restrictive clause where if u omit the clause then it would change the meaning of sentenceEx:Diamond ,which glitters,look beautiful---ICDiamond that glitters looks beautiful.----CHere,if u remove "glitter"part then meaning of sentence would be change...
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If you have Wren & Martin & find it Old & Outdated then not sure what to suggest you! Its 1 of the best Grammar Book in India & UK.
My Dear friend, Grammar is not like a cricket score that changes every minute. Over years only couple of things changes in grammar. So, if you are saying that Wr...
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I have some doubts regarding these qs on sentence correction:1.A recent study has found that within the past few years, many doctors had elected early retirement rather than face the threats of lawsuits and the rising costs of malpractice insurance.
(A) had elected early retirement rather than...
Hi everyone
m looking best resource for grammar
i do have wren n martin..but..its quite old thing for now...ANY WEBSITE may be..the best one.will do
WAITING FOR UR RESPONSE>>pls help me weak in dat
'the' is placed before the superlative:
* He is the richest man in the world.
* That is the biggest crocodile I have ever seen.
* She is the tallest girl in her class.
To comp...
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