Analyze "The Hindu" Editorial Verbal

Hi frens...
"The Hindu" editorial is a part and parcel of CAT preperation. but to my surprise i didnt find any thread which discusses the difficult words in the editorial and discuss abt their contextual meanings..
So as a starting effort and im putting forward my analysis of the editorial...
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Antriksh.g Try this....... theeditorialreviewer.blogspot.in/.... 21 Oct '13.
Rohit143 NIce.... 13 Apr.
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Ambedkar's way & Anna Hazare's methods
u will find the article here:The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Ambedkar's way & Anna Hazare's methods
The author compares Anna Hazare's movement with Ambedkar's movement. Dr. Ambedkar combined mass mobilisation with legal methods in the anti-un...
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hi manish !!!
looks like this thread is not followed much .
but keep posting new articles daily and express you views ........
this will help us in understanding the rc's better in CAT
my take on the passage manish !!!
another heading -> ANNA not dissimilar to POLITICIANS
the passage has a factual tone initially which turns into aggressive and later analytical . overall its analytical
condensation : Anna demands might lay foundation to a more corrupt system and ther...
I'd rather not be Anna
Today's Editorial had an article by Arundhati Roy on her views about the Anna Hazare Movement. I loved the way she presented all the points with apt examples. Also the tone of the article was a little aggressive which simply made it worth reading.
Guys do read it and ...
Somalia's misery
The famine in Somalia gave more misery to the ill-fated somalians who are already devastated by the civil wars.A famine alert is declared when two out of every 10 people have access to less than 2,100 calories; four out of 10,000 children; 30 per cent o...
Perpetrators meant culprits,one who is responsible for committing crime.
Clandestine means something which is planned secretly
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Albeit means although and presumptuous means to be very bold and forward, someone who assumes before that it is true.
A farce of a probe
To describe the Delhi police's investigation into the 2008 cash-for-votes scandal as a tardy probe is much too flattering. The sorry truth is that the police have done next to nothing to show they are serious about making progress in the case, a level of inaction that smacks...
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wt u mean by 'albeit' n 'presumptuous'???
Reconciliation and nation building: the Mandela way
Ahmed Kathrada Share print T+
"I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with ...
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Little learned from 26/11:
Post the wake hours of Mumbai blasting, the country's ruling power is busy in congratulating themselves on the robustness of their anti-terrorism policies since there are no terrorist attack since 2008.The country's own defense minister comes up with state...
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A new country is born
The birth of Republic of South Sudan spread happiness round the conflict ridden world.The referendum which is signed during the peace treaty by the struggled sudanese was voted by Christians and other African-religion followers who have been struggling to get ov...
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The gang that couldn't shoot straight
-July 8, 2011
About the Article:
One of the most profound and well-researched, this articles puts in perspective the reasons why our nation has become what it is today - Deeply Corrupt. The writer, P Sainath, hits the bulls eye by describing the pre...
hey thnx to al... its very imprtnt tat v ppl shud hv grt insight on ths stuffs... i'm new to pg.. if u, pgians cud try d other intrnatnl newspapers, lyk guardian, it wud b perfct......
Exit Maran, and beyond
The resignation of Union Textiles Minister ,Dayanidhi Maran on account of his actions as telecom minister during the UPA regime was clearly been brought about by the circumstances rather than the government's interest in taking charge against him.This belated ...
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The property of black money
Indians were always obsessed with the fact that our national wealth is being mined abroad.Miffed with the government's slow pace to act against black money, Supreme Court has set up a Special Investigation Team(SIT) to bring back the black money ...
can anyone share some sites for editorials, plz not news paper site, where i can find some good old tutorial too
End this drift on Telangana:
What happens when a government takes drift as a political tactic,the end result would be a crisis which is intractable.After the submission of Sri Krishna Committee's report on Telangana,the government did nothing literally.This staunch reaction of telangana peopl...
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Scrubbing out criticism:
Google's transperancy report released recently revealed that there are a number of requests posted by the Indian Authorities to disclose the data of internet users and to remove the content which involved in defaming the government(via social profiles/Blogging/website...
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