Analyze "The Hindu" Editorial Verbal

Hi frens...
"The Hindu" editorial is a part and parcel of CAT preperation. but to my surprise i didnt find any thread which discusses the difficult words in the editorial and discuss abt their contextual meanings..
So as a starting effort and im putting forward my analysis of the editorial...
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Antriksh.g Try this....... theeditorialreviewer.blogspot.in/.... 21 Oct '13.
Rohit143 NIce.... 13 Apr.
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when will you start posting gguysssssssss.............this thread should be active as this is time of GD\PI....................!!!!!!!!!!!!:-x:-x:-x
i too agree with the point dat hindu is no doubt d best paper for editorials. there is less mirchi in this paper .it is always beneficial to read hindu regularly for 1 hour.
it increase your reading speed $ vocab power too.
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doubtful. ----- also probabaly
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y unimaginative dude
Yes , NYT and WSJ would be nice start.
i had started reading it few days back but have lost the pace due to my exams ..
There is an amazing feature called Times People on NYT where in we can register and then can share with people the articles that we have bookmarked. for that we have to m...
Hey aayush,
As for me, i promise to be here more often now on.
It's a good idea to be following the NYT, WSJ.
Let's see what are the various things present in it. Then we can boil down to one or two segments of each and plan to discuss them.
What say puys?
Exam time buddy.. :-x
i tell u these end semesters take a toll on u ...
would be back after 20th dec.. and start my contribution..
hello guys......where are you ...??? why are you not continuing this thread.....!!!!!!! anyone here?????????
any one follows New York Times or the Wall Street Journal ??
we could discuss them too if people are ready to contribute !
Great Thread....
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Gr8 going friends...Can welcome this new member...Even i have start going through time of India for the time being to start with.I hv started collecting the words too.will post here some time next week.
Link : The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Are American writers too insular for Nobel?
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great post
and great snapshots
Nuclear Deal will have serious consequences ...
A lot of problems have been pointed out by various people/parties regarding the N-Deal BUT this looks like a BIG problem and I think any person with no technical know-how but a little common sense would understand that this really is not right.
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