Analyze "The Hindu" Editorial Verbal

Hi frens...
"The Hindu" editorial is a part and parcel of CAT preperation. but to my surprise i didnt find any thread which discusses the difficult words in the editorial and discuss abt their contextual meanings..
So as a starting effort and im putting forward my analysis of the editorial...
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Antriksh.g Try this....... theeditorialreviewer.blogspot.in/.... 21 Oct '13.
Rohit143 NIce.... 13 Apr.
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TIME BOUND TRIALS FOR LEGISLATORS ( Hindu Editorial http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/editorial/timebound-trials-for-legislators/article5781573.ece )

After 65 years of Independence, Supreme court of India has passed a order which strictly directs the lower courts for a speedy disposal & hearing of Mp's and MLA's which may be criminal or corruption cases, within 1 year of the filing of case. This act comes under article 21 of the constitution. last years judgement which says criminal cases against MLA's ANd MP's will disqualify them for a seat in the legislation and cannot contest for 10 years hence. So, this law to prove cases against them within 1 year or not give an explanation to chief justice of H.C. is a welcome decision and may change the face of Indian Politics.

Converted IMT G, (marketing) WL SIBM -P Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padtha hai,
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    (so̅o̅-pīn′, so̅o̅′pīn′)


    1. Lying on the back or having the face upward.

    2. Having the palm upward. Used of the hand.

    3. Marked by or showing lethargy, passivity, or blameworthy indifference. See Synonyms at inactive.

    4. Inclined; sloping.



    A defective Latin verbal noun of the fourth declension, having very limited syntax and only two cases, an accusative in -tum or -sum and an ablative in -tū or -sū. The accusative form is sometimes considered to be the fourth principal part of the Latin verb.

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    All CAT ; GMAT and GRE students...........Check out the daily EDITORIAL REVIEWS of 'The Hindu' Newspaper; together with difficult word meanings from the editorial itself, to help increase your VOCABULARY!
    Antriksh.g Try theeditorialreviewer.blogspot.in/.... 23 Oct '13.
    Reading Hindu to crack Cat is good suggestion in past dayz but in reality i dont find the tougher vocabulary these days to improve my vocab in those articles ...but now the cat english become more tougher we have to read some tough material anywayz hindu is my alltime favourate editorial
    geethz @THE_SOUTHPAW This is what I havedone with my previous a.... 23 Jun '13.
    sahunisheeth @geethz Try to get all the words in one articale and ma.... 05 Jul '13.
    Analyzing the article Stunting a countryWords usage: Stunted->a stop or hindrance in growth or developmentUnderscore-> To emphasize , stress
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    ndaniket first 1000 days of a child???? needs to formed properly. 14 Aug '13.
    ndaniket i am not sure of the "press the agenda"??? not sure how i.... 14 Aug '13.
    Wouldnt it be better instead of just copying the article ? The submitter explains his own version of the editorial.
    He can also cite out the points , agreements , tone and conclusion of the article?
    Antriksh.g try theeditorialreviewer.blogspot.in/.... 23 Oct '13.
    Why there were no good guys in 2003In the week marking the 10th anniversary of the illegal United States and British-led invasion of Iraq, a BBC TV Panorama programme carried material to the effect that six months and three months before the March 2003 invasion, two high Iraqi officials separatel...
    4th March: The Hindu http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/editorial/look-beyond-foreign-investors/article4472248.ece The mystique that stock markets seem to hold for lay people and policymakers alike gets magnified several times over in budget season. There is, most certainly, no rational basi...
    It was a reference to the Renaissance man, who Sartre exhorted for possessing fraternal as well as revolutionary ideals.
    this line in the above link seems grammtically incorrect to me. ""who" should be replac...
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    Questions for Mr. Nilekani
    The Hindu EYES WIDE SHUT: Retaining biometric efficiency of data on a large scale does not seem to have been analysed while queries on privacy have not been addressed.
    The architects of the unique identification scheme are yet to provide satisfactor...
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    @theprince @djsunny http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/questions-for-mr-nilekani/article4382953.ece
    OP-ED article 'Questions for Mr. Nilekani' published in The Hindu, today ,seriously poses some questions for AADHAR.Author has elucidated with example how AADHAR is making some gover...
    t Yes bro letz make this thread active by posting the hindu editorial each day and also the word meanings of difficult words
    Antriksh.g Trytheeditorialreviewer.blogspot.in.... 23 Oct '13.
    Why is this thread dead???Cmon lets bring this alive...lets Bell the Cats and Dogs together... \m/
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    does anyone has compendium of articles based on critical issues of recent years
    Antriksh.g Try theeditorialreviewer.blogspot.in/.... 23 Oct '13.
    As a professional sportswriter, I am sick of hearing the question over and over and over again. I find it almost nauseating. If there are tens of millions posing the question, then, over the four decades that I have spent in the profession, there have been tens of hundreds of answers, from seriou...
    asa: Dear Asa, As Aristotle preached a middle path rather than walking the extremes, here the Author is asking "are we missing something in Mr. Shivpal's complex ideas" and are we unable to understand him like the most of the greek philospohers who were mis-understood. and his stab on the Nicom...
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    Pls explain me he following phrases-
    Misunderstood him, as many ancient Greek philosophers were, as well as his bold stab at Nicomachean ethics?
    puys please find time to go through the following article and give your valuable inputs:
    This one's from twitter, good read, about the London 2012 Olympics.
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