Analyze "The Hindu" Editorial Verbal

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"The Hindu" editorial is a part and parcel of CAT preperation. but to my surprise i didnt find any thread which discusses the difficult words in the editorial and discuss abt their contextual meanings..
So as a starting effort and im putting forward my analysis of the editorial...
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Antriksh.g Try this....... theeditorialreviewer.blogspot.in/.... 21 Oct '13.
Rohit143 NIce.... 13 Apr.
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thnx for the info sudheshna ......really nice to c ppl discussing on the forum..continue this tempo
Apropos to the editorial posted by neetugw, i would like to add the following points.it actually briefs on what happend and why the agitation started in pakistan. this is not totally my work. i read the article in India Today and found it quite interesting..so its an abstract to tht articl...
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Thanks for correcting me.
@neetu ..
In the article "No giving up on gas"
correct me if I m wrong .but I think the article says that Bush govt. would be in awkward position if the deal gets thru.. n it wants that the deal shouldn't get thru...
And in the article "Pressure on Musharraf"
Although, I m not aware...
great work! will join with u frm tommo...
Uttar Pradesh Pvt Ltd
At the end of this day, the results of Uttar Pradeshs assembly elections will be known. Caste and religion are the dominant words used to describe UPs politics. But, as any reporter on the UP trail will tell you, its politics is also about another word -opportunity.
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Pressure on Musharraf:-
1. Situation in Lahore, Pakistan has got changed since Chief Justice Chaudhary asked Prime Parvez Musharraf to quit.
2. Pakistan is under military rule of President Musharraf.
3. Pakistan Government is against Chief Justice which describes constitutional & judicia...
No Giving up on Gas.
1. It is talking about energy relations with of India with Iran.
2. Financial & technical par aments of the pipeline project among Iran, Pakistan & India.
3. Bush would be in award position if the deal between India & Iran would get finalized. So, new delhi looking t...
Pressure on Musharraf
Talk of a new Justice Party in Pakistan led by "non-functional" Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary may be idle chatter. What is undisputable is the emergence of Mr. Chaudhary as a national hero for fighting back when asked to quit by President Pervez Musharraf. It is a com...
No giving up on gas
Ever since India signed an agreement with the United States on civil nuclear cooperation in July 2005, busybodies in Washington have taken it upon themselves to dispense unwanted advice and guidance to New Delhi on the foreign policy front. In fact, this trend began even b...
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hi dis is regardin the todays editorial ..
I don't completely agree with the views of the editor..
The whole point of punishing Azhagiri n his goons is if they r not punished now,then such acts against media would proliferate in different parts of the country.
Moreover, if the country h...
Murderous attack on media freedom
The arson, looting, and murder by hooligans owing allegiance to M.K. Azhagiri, son of Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, at the Madurai office of Kalanithi Maran's Sun TV and Tamil daily Dinakaran raises serious questions about law and order and freedom of the pr...
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I really enjoyed the article'India by 2020',its really inordinately useful.
I would like to frame the imp points to add summit our thread /conversation.I feel after reading an editorial,we shld comprehend with others with the info in it and the usage of words..
Here are the few po...
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Since its tedious for me to get the \daily HINDU editorials(min 2 r everythgn is welcome)..can anyone plz post the editorial sections ..with ts heading and its content..
I would say the real cause of all infant deaths was the bacterial infection in the hospital which was not attended at the right time. This was all due to mismanagement prevailing in the hospital.
Well the defence minister should definitely be charged for all crashes involving MIGs.
But I don't think charging the ministers is sufficient. Everyone involved in the chain should be investigated.
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This article India 2020 is usefull for the GD topic also.
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India 2020
The Indian economy is on the path of rapid progress. In July 1991 the countrys economy was so shattered that India was on the brink of bankruptcy. The Congress won in the general elections of June 1991 and Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister. He took a wise step and made Manmohan Si...
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1. This article talks about recent deaths of infants in Kerala, Sree Avittom Triuma hosptial.
2. Causes of death for these infants are poorly equipped hospital, overfilling patients, less number of nurses.
3. From Feb to April number of deaths got increased from 16 to 36.
Local court is ...
Access to bird flu vaccines
If the developing countries that bore the brunt of bird flu outbreaks felt aggrieved at being suppliers of H5N1 virus samples to the World Health Organisation, and not beneficiaries of any vaccine that may be developed, using their samples, by drug companies based ...
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