ICCHHA.......helping people in seeking SOLACE Touching Lives

Hey All
We at IILM do run a home grown NGO inside the campus. We have a large numbers of volunteers who work day & night to bring some smiles to kids faces throughout Delhi NCR. We do organize Fairs & Workshop on a quarterly basis. This NGO has a huge following in all the Five campuses & is g...
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Hii mehak

Your endeavour is deeply appreciated. IILm is going to have its annual I-FEST in the third week of Dec. It would be a great experience for all the people at ICCHA if students & their friends alike & contribute in any which way possible.........please spread the word
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    hi Dhiren
    Its a great thing that the NGO is doing n thank you Dhiren for introducing us to the NGO we shall strive hard to take the cause of the NGO forward and we hope to bring a positive change in as many lives as possible .