How to speed up the mind processing Quantitative

I took an online test on rocketreader site to check my reading speed. I got very poor results saying that my mind processing is very slow which I already knew and trying to improve.
Can somebody pour in their inputs on how to speed up the mind processing???
Hi All,
I m new here. I have a problem reading the poetic type of passage. Can anyone giveme the link to practice these kind of passage.

Hope to get reply..

Thanks :)
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Do check this out:
Games for the Brain
Madhavi, the problem that came out in your test was very specific : mind processing speed was slow.
The processing speed of the brain can definitely be improved by using tried and tested methods. A consequence of this would be an automatic improvement in your reading speed.
Here is a very n...
I really dont kno if i've the authority to comment on something i m not so good at.
but it is quiet evident that we share the the prob i've worked on it a lot and here r a few tips from my experience:
1-if the passage is really tough then try and visualize(make a movie in yr brn) as u read<...
I think no problem in taking tests....as long as it helps u
Hi which site did u refer for taking such online test.Plzzzzzzz tell
i think its not just abt RC..mind processing is abt everything..i have a decent speed in RC..but if u ppl had taken simcat04 last week, you had a lot of sequence solvin in the first sectoin..i exactly knew wat i had to do..but somehow was so slow in processing it in my mind..got everthin right t...
Dont you think this thread is under wrong section.
This section is QA
Of course it too involves mind processing
No one can access your mental processing by making a moronic site with a couple of javascript tricks thrown in. Fathoming the details of the human psyche is a far more complex process involving a lot of parameters which cannot be accurately measured even through advanced scientific process.
I think u should improve your concentration while reading and try to increase the curiosity about reading materials then automatically ur mind process can start up...
I think u should improve your concentration while reading and try to increase the curiosity about reading materials then automatically ur mind process can start up...
all these options do not make up for the number of posts u have to ur credit.. u don't sound faltoo enuf to sit at home whole day.. spending a lot on cyber and posting.. a no no from a logical point of view.. dad will surely kick out if u keep posting whole da.. friend's house..hummm..depends how...
hi ritesh,
i have sent u a pm...
do read it...
take care....
Presumptions are always dangerous!!!
One can have internet at home, one can surf from cybercafe, one can do it from dad's office, one can go to college and use it there, one can go to friend's house where he can surf, one can use uncle's office to surf...n number of options
kya euphoria bhai..tussi sachhi poore euphoric ho.. omnipresent on all threads.. office waalon ne PG ke liye hee rakha hai kya..?
khair, about reading.. i guess i am decent in it.. self supposed and hence happy.. .. but if u need to work upon it, first start reading something u like.. get a h...
u put it better, pal.
tahts wat I meant. Get involved but not emotionally. Don't start taking interest in wat happend n storyline...try to get the theme. As Ashwin said, think on the line on which Authour might have thought...and then think wat should follow n if it follows teh same way, u pro...
I think what euphoria meant was to not delve into a piece of text because you find it very interesting but to get exactly what you need from it, no more, no less. However, I don't think it is correct to put it by saying "stop involving in what you read". Reading at its peak needs high involvement...
Try this book: How to read better and faster by Norman Lewis.
Its good and must improve your reading speed and comprehension.
I have observed this prob for quite some time...may these observations help you:
1. If you love reading...you may forget that you are here to skim it and not to read it. You just have to get ur answer and you don't have to take any lesson from it. So, stop involving in what you read.
2. Whi...
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