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I'm starting a new thread as the discussions will happen on this new thread for next 50 questions and the sectional test :-)
Happy solving :-)
Can Anybody give me a solution for this.
Q- in an examination, the maximum marks for each of the three papers is 50 each. the maximum marks for the fourth paper is 100. find the number of ways with which a student can score 60% in aggregate.

a) 330850 b)233551 c) 110551 d) 220800 e) none of these

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Ya I'm aware of that formula for GP..thanks :)actually I was confused coz I assumed that there are 6 terms in GP including 4 GM....Any luck in solving Quant q 98 that I had posted earlier...
yeah...for a gp common ratio is term2/term1 ....nd it remain same through out d series...tht is wht i hav done....if not clear just revert
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this is regd following q :
Four Geometrical means are inserted between 1/8 and 128.find the 3rd Geometrical mean.
hey just one query....regd the way u calculated common ratio..
I thnk it shuld be...calculated using nth term of GP formula..In that putting first term as 1/8 and nth term as...
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hello all,
quant Question no 98 :
Quantitative Question # 098
Consider two distinct positive integers x and y having integer arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means. The...
i cldnt able to find q.no 98...please post tht ques...
Just find the common ratio..n keep multiplying it ...
this is how it can b done...
1/8, _ , _ , _ , _ ,128
Now,128/x = 8x == >x =4 (common ratio)
so, 1/8,1/2,2,8,32,128 ....3rd gm is 8..
Hello all,
I'm Deepa..
just had this query regd the Quant Q 98 :It says AM,GM,HM all should be integral..so that means the no's x & y should be an even perfect square ...x & y can be both positive or both negative....coz otherwise we can't get an intergral square root...
now goin by all ...
Bhaiyon Aur Behno,
Main QQAD subscribe karne ka param ichhuk hun. Meri iccha hai ki ek prashna pratidin pratah kal mere mail-box mein aaye. Maine subscribe karne ki link ki khoj ki lekin meri khoj asaphal rahi. Kya koi meri madad karna chahega?
QQAD ka subscription pane ka par...
Four Geometrical means are inserted between 1/8 and 128.find the 3rd Geometrical mean.
I kno its a simple question but just cant find the answer!
Quantitative Question # 065
If all palindromes (positive integers which is unchanged if you reverse the order of its digits) are written in increasing order, what is the possib...
hei...I can't understand the concept of no: of steps taken in an escalator..plz help me wid dis,
(speed of a person/speed of escalator) = (no: of steps on moving escalator / no: of steps of the person when escalator is off)
cld any one plz explain the concept..?
..i too got 20/3..
yup... its comin out to be...20/3
HI all
I am new to PG can some body mail me the qns from 50 to 100. Or id any link is available for archives can some one post it. Thanks in advance.
My mail id is pradeep.gorai@cgi.com
Hi I joined in late ,so if somebody can post/mail me all the questions from 1-100 of AQQAD with its respective solution,I will be highly gr8ful
oye me not getting ANY quant question. are the questionssupposed to be mailed everyday (as the name of the thread suggests) to the people who have enrolled for the same? if true, there's some problem somewhere to be solved. i registered a loooong time back.
ne suggestions.....fellow PGites?
hi guys i m new to this site i joined this forum and i recieve questions by mail but the main cause of worry for me is that i m not able to crack this questions can u tell me is this the level of questions appearing in cat
bhai apna bhi 20/3 ans hai
i too joined the majority!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anybody having sectional test 01 questions and ans ???????????????
Pls mail me at ................
:wow: Mein aapka bahut abhari rahunga