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Hello all,
As the CAT 2K12 come to a close, starting this thread for all the discussions of quant for CAT 2013. Here is the link for old thread of quant http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/quantitative-ability-and-di/official-quant-thread-c-t-83384/p-3577256/r-4005959?page=1
Also wishing everyon...
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rishabh35 @divya_santhi you should buy this book. Investing Just 3.... 10 Sep '13.
ashishtsc bgfjyjkgkhgnhj. 01 Dec '13.
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3 candidates A,B,C contest an election. A gets at least 40% of all the votes, B gets at least 20 % of votes that A gets and can't get more than 80% of votes that C gets. Find the maximum percentage of votes that A can get.
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    geometry questn attached here
    Dazed-Confused How many times will this question be posted :splat: . 17 Jun '13.
    Papasappies This one and the 31^k one..hahaha @Dazed-Confused . 17 Jun '13.
    Remainder when 5353535353......(100 times) is divided by 102 ?
    chillfactor @Predilected Any number written E(n) times is divisible b.... 17 Jun '13.
    GypsyCab @Angadbir thanks a lot boss..much appreciated... 18 Jun '13.
    What would be remainder when N is divided by 23, where N=1313131313......... a 800 digits number
    SatadeepBiswas @Angadbir sir can u plz explain this method... how are u .... 17 Jun '13.
    Angadbir @SatadeepBiswas A number 'k' repeated E[n] times where n .... 17 Jun '13.
    13x-11y=43 where x is positive integer.Find the possible values of (x,y) if
    x lies between 16 and 40
    raghavsimply @saurabh9793 covert the equation this way , 13x-43/11=y ,.... 17 Jun '13.
    gnehagarg 13x=11y+43 x=11y+4 y=2 x=5 x=5,16,27,38,49 27,38 2 numbers. 18 Jun '13.
    There are exactly 4000 followers to this thread now!!
    Dexian it means at least 4000 serious CAT takers ..... . 17 Jun '13.
    lease solve the question in the attachment puys
    rtf file
    saurabh9793 @raghavsimply yaa...thank u so much!!. 17 Jun '13.
    catnlyiimb @raghavsimply thanks for the solution , the answer is 2. 17 Jun '13.
    In a club, every member plays at least one of the games between Cricket and Hockey. 30% of the members play both cricket and hockey, and 40% of the members who play cricket do not play hockey. What percentage of the club members play hockey?
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    A milk vendor sells milk. The price at which he sells each litre is 20% more than the cost price. He also adds 2 litres of water to every 5 litres of milk. Find his overall profit percentage.
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    Mahesh marked an article at x% above his cost price. He sells it after offering a discount but still makes a profit. Which of the following cannot be the discount (in percentage) he offered?
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    Given equation: (a^2 - b^2)x^2 - 4xyab - (a^2-b^2)y^2 = 1 . How many quadruplets (a,b,x,y) satisfy equation.? a,b,x,y are all integers..
    a)1 b)8 c)16 d) infinite
    approach please.
    jayasrivastava0 @Farsh018 is it 1?. 17 Jun '13.
    Malgudi abxy=-1/4 is coming..after solving. 18 Jun '13.
    An article was sold at a profit percentage whose value was equal to its cost price (in र). It was sold after giving a discount equal to the profit made on it. Its marked price was र600 more than twice its cost price. Find its cost price (inर).
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    what is minimum value of:x^8 - 18x^6 + 88x^4 - 42x^3 + 67x^2 - 24x +37
    hexagon @Dazed-Confused @JanardanJakad ye question vistamind fre.... 17 Jun '13.
    vikram89 @JanardanJakad Thanks man, nice way. 18 Jun '13.
    In a test consisting of 15 questions, 3 marks are awarded for a correct answer, 1 mark is deducted for an incorrect answer and no mark is awarded for an unattempted question. If a student attempts at least one question in the paper, what is the number of distinct scores that he can get? a 57 b ...
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    SatadeepBiswas @Dexian nice concept :) . 17 Jun '13.
    jayasrivastava0 58. 17 Jun '13.
    Ten pipes working at full efficiency can fill a tank completely in 30 hours. Five pipes start filling the tank. The pipes work for exactly 40 minutes in every odd hour i.e. 1st hour, 3rd hour etc while they work for exactly 50 minutes in every even hour i.e. 2nd hour, 4th hour etc. If seven more ...
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    Plz refer to attachment.
    No one has answered this question, yet. Get cracking.
    docx file
    Puys please attempt the question in the attachement, with explaination plzzzzzzz
    rtf file
    An article was marked at a certain percentage above the cost price. It is then sold for a profit after offering a discount. The sum of the profit and the discount equals the sum of its cost price and the difference of twice its marked price and thrice its cost price. Find the mark up percentage.
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    Guys,Please help me with this Arun Sharma question- Find the number of 6-digit numbers that can be formed using the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6 once such that the 6-digit number is divisible by its unit digit.a)648 b)528 c)728 d)128
    SatadeepBiswas 648. 17 Jun '13.
    scholesy sorry but i didn't understand that 5! thing :( . 30 Jun '13.
    In ΔABC, D is the midpoint of BC. E is a point on AC such that AE : EC = 2 : 1 and F is a point on AB such that AF : FB = 3 : 1. Line segments AD and FE intersect at point O. What is the ratio of the area of ΔDOF to the area of ΔDOE?
    a 8 : 9 b 9 : 8 c 3 : 4 d 4 : 3
    swapnil4ever2u @parag27 let me draw the diag .. . 12 Oct '13.
    parag27 @swapnil4ever2u ok .....thank you . 12 Oct '13.