Official Quant Thread for CAT 2012 [part 2] Quantitative

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ans : 3.311211
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I guessed this one would be option 5 because the answer would be 12+a*sqrt(b) :sneaky:
12 because AE + ED = 12, and the other side would be a*sqrt(80)
And only option5, has that form. But is there a better way to do this? Something conceptual?
P.s. Encleadus = Saransh bhai? and Pkaman = ...
Bro aapne ek baar jo bol diya OA wahi hota hai.
Namaskaar pankaj bhai!!
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Please continue here ... :)
It is 1. 312211
Concentrate on how the numbers are said,
This is just counting the number of 1's and 2's.
3 times 1 then 2 times 2 then 1 time 1.
So, 312211.
OA kya hai ?
For the M:N wala question it should be 3:2 as explained by arumugudas I think.
What is the next no. In below series?
i might be wrong ....
i am trying because u asked ........ask jain bhai or varun thaygi ..........
odds in favour = p(E)/p(E') =3/2
its written who gets the red ball will win so winning for A is 3/x and and not winning is 2/x ...here wat is x total no of balls 3 red and 2 yellow ie 5...
may be coz,i'd found myself understanding the problem:)
but really thanks a lot for your effort..
Another Q from geometry:
P.S : Good Night,And Good Luck
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12*(x+2) = 18x
24 = 6x
the question says father has to travel 2 hrs more than son
diff between their speed is 6 km
so 6*4 = 24 km which will make the father to travel two hrs more
so 18*4 = 72 km
Gr8 move u gt it nice. M on mobile bhai u r absolutely ri8,by the way hw u got that i m on mobile.
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Any1..try this
Again wrong ans. Bro but nw plz see the units n m sure u will get the correct ans.
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Yeah,u're right
Son gains 6km over the father for an hour
Father has gained 12 km before the son starts
To catch up w/ father,the sons travels for 2 hrs,and again he has to take 12 Km lead so that father would travel for another one hour
so,the son has to travel for 4 hrs,so the dista...
you need two equation to solve this type of question
time taken to meet first time is same ....using this one equation can be formed
let distance be X
time taken to meet second time can be used to form second equation
note : ignore rest taken 1 hrs (beca...
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