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Hi puys,
CAT 2011 season is finally over [smiley] [smiley]
Let start a new season of Quants thread for CAT 2012.. [smiley] [smiley]
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distance between PQ is 10km. Tom ,ram,Harry move at speeds 10,20,30 km/hr resp. they tarvel for 12 hours. How many times will they be together at either P or Q??
2^3 =8
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no bro i said, diameter of the cylinder= height of cube.. not its diagonal...i am imagining that the top and bottom face of the cube will touch the sides of the cylinder...i.e ts diameter will be the ht
There are 5 Rock songs, 6 Carnatic songs and 3 Indi pop songs. How many different albums can be formed using the above repertoire if the albums should contain at least 1 Rock song and 1 Carnatic song?
(1)15624 (2)16384 (3)6144 (4)240 (5) none of these
But the question says that the axis of the cylinder is along the diagonal of the cube.......
So how can the diameter of the cylinder be the diagonal of the cube???
see, if that is the case dont u think that, the diameter of the cylinder will be equal to the height of the cube, which will give the side of the cube.
10/21...selecting 10 gaps out of 21 gaps
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is it 10/21??????
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one from my sideeeeeeee
A real number x is chosen at random in the interval . What is the probability that the closest integer to x is odd?
a) 1/21 (b) 5/11 (c) 10/21 (d) 11/21 (e) 1/2
Yes.Thats what I meant.
What is the answer that u are getting???
I am considering body diagonal i.e along AG....ABCD is the front face. EFGH is the back face., ABCD, ->A,B,C,D are in clockwise direction..similarly EFGH
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Can anyone of you pls draw a diagram at least and show your approach.
If diagram is not possible, then take a cude like ABCDEFGH and tell which diagonal u are taking???
I think the question asks to take the diagonal connecting two opposite corners.
is it 2rt3 + 3rt(3/2)
Vivek bhai , ap to body diagonal pe cylinder pakar rahe ho na?? to pura face diagnal f cube kya ht of cylinder ke equal hoga...??
i think diameter of the cylinder = ht of cube =side=2rt6
ekdum sure nahi hun...
i am getting (3+2rt2) cm
diagonal of cube can be written as d=(2* rt6 +3*rt3)
so side is d/rt3
side= (2* rt6 +3*rt3)/rt3 = (3+2rt2)
sayad kuchh galati ho rehi hai
Hi Puys...........
Quandt thread is running quite slow these days.
Is everyone busy with English these days........??
Please post some questions...........
Here is one from my side:
A cylinder of radius 6 cm and height 33 cm is inscribed inside a cube such that the axis of cylinder...
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I think there is a separate thread for coaching centres.
U can post your query there.
U will get quick response.
As far as my opinion goes, TIME is best,followed by CL,followed by IMS.
DOnt join ...
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Hi Seniors
i am a newbie to PG and need ur help.
I am giving CAT this yr and m very confused abt wiz institute to join,
as in CL , TIME , IMS and nowdays a new name APLHANUMERIC ..
I heard this new institute APLHANUMERIC is by Nitin Gupta sir , a very good faculty for maths as told to...
my take 71
HM = 2xy/(x+y)=14^6 => xy/(x+y)=7*14^5
above eqn can b regrouped as
so total soln can b (11*13-1)/2 =71 (-1 because x nd y are distinct and x
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my take 71
HM = 2xy/(x+y)=14^6 => xy/(x+y)=7*14^5
above eqn can b regrouped as
so total soln can b (11*13-1)/2 =71 (-1 because x nd y are distinct and x
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