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ABCD is a
convex quadrilateral in which <(BAC) = <(CBD) = 30 deg, <(CAD)
= 60 deg, <(CDB) = 15 deg. If E is the point of intersection of AC
and BD, then measure of <(BEA) in degrees (is)
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The base of an isosceles triangles is root2. The medians to the legs intersect each other at right angles.The area of the triangle is ?a) 1.5 b)2 c)2.5 d)3.5Can any1 please solve this sum ?
nive29192 @bhani the medians to the legs mean what? can u pls dra.... 04 Apr.
bhani Medians to the legs means medians which originate from th.... 05 Apr.
ABCD is acyclic quadrilateral, AB is a diameter of the circle. If angle ACD=50, the value of angle BAD is..??
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@prialall @piyush5337 Refer the attachment
Trigonometry :At the foot of a mountain the elevation of its summit is 45 degree ,after ascending 1000m towards the mountain up a stop of 30 degree inclination , the elevation is found to be 60 degree .Find the height of the mountain.
piyush5337 thanx a lot . . @garry1337 . 03 Mar.
There are eight rays in a plane with a common end point. The measures of the eight non overlapping angles,in degrees are a,b,c,d,e,f,g and h+4. The numbers a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h are consecutive integers. How many of these angles exceed 45 degree ?
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Find the volume of the largest right circular cone that can be cut out of a cuboid of dimensions
56cm * 21cm * 14cm.
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Ravi mowed the grass on a rectangular lawn of dimesions 30m by 40m. He mowed using a 1m wide strip. He starts moving from one of the corners of the lawn and moved around it towards the center. How many times would he go round before he completed mowing half of the lawn.
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i am in ...
Determine the value(s) of a for which the point (a, a2) lies inside the triangle formed by the lines:2x + 3y = 1, x + 2y = 3 and 5x – 6y = 1
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No OA for the question
testBasu 24. 08 Apr.
anuragu79 @french_open pls explain :) . 09 Apr.
A, B, C and D are four towns any three of which are non-collinear. Then the number of ways to construct three roads each joining a pair of towns so that the roads do not form a triangle isa. 7b. 8c. 9d. 24
Plz give a solution ans is d) 24.. dnt knw how?
amh if there were an option "NONE of the ABOVE", then??? :P . 12 Nov '13.
poms 4C3*3! * 4 =24. 19 Nov '13.
What is the quadrilateral formed by joining the angular bisectors of a parallelogram ? and is there is any relation b.w the newly formed quadrilateral and the already existing parallelogram ?
Consider a circle with unit radius. There are seven adjacent sectors, S1, S2, S3, ..., S7, in the circlesuch that their total area is1/8 of the area of the circle. Further, the area of the jth sector is twice thatof the (j - 1)th sector, for j = 2, ..., 7. What is the angle, in radians, subtended...
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approach ?
harshcat91 I am getting 18 rt(3). 19 Dec '13.
ravi1509 12rt(3). 19 Dec '13.
two persons start walking on a road that diverge at an angle of 120 degree .if they walk at the rate of 3 km/hr and 2 km/hr then find the distance b/w them after 4 hrs
Please help.
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Find angle DAE ?
arcish 180/7. 29 Oct '13.
relianceclassic 25. 29 Oct '13.
hello everybody! plzz suggest me a good book to practice geometry,as u all know that questions from this part r asked in more ratio than before in recent exams-capf,chsl
praveen07 @manish1039 sorry buddy i misunderstood... 27 Oct '13.
samar2190 dude arun shrama is good....and time material is good........ 28 Oct '13.
P is a point inside the triangle ABC. Line PA meets BC at D. Similarly, BP meets CA at E, and CP meets AB at F. If PD = PE = PF = 3 and PA + PB + PC = 43, then PA PB PC =
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N=2^2*3^3*5^2*10^2 if K is a whole number then how many factors of N r in form of 2K+1 ... I know it is quant question but I want anssss ...
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Find the radius of the circle ?
shahrukh4969 @blackbird91 bhai join the point at which the edge of th.... 26 Oct '13.
blackbird91 @shahrukh4969 thx man.. really is simple!! . 26 Oct '13.