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Permutation , Combination and Number Theory.
1. A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra ( Author:Victor Shoup Pages:533 Publication Date:2005 Publisher:Cambridge U...
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@anuj....i have joibed time..........so basics i ll study from der............does nishit.k.sinha has solutions to all questions???
It depends saurabh .... Arun Sharma is best as far as ur basics are concerned bcoz thought process nd concept clarity is its key feature but as far as questions are concerned they r ok-ok ....means if u have command over basics nd have practiced problems then it is not so gud ......
If u r sea...
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which is d best book for quant???many people said go for arun sharma ......but it has many errors n solutions for all the questions are not given...........so should i go for arihant publication???is it good enuff...or go with arun sharma............reply plzzzz......juzz 3 months left
You can start with arun sharma. Use Think without ink along with it. But at a same time it would be great if you go for correspondence course from some reputed coaching institute. This is because their syllabus are designed too well as compared to these CAt digests.
Arun Sharma is a good book. But still it sucks as far as explanation are concerned. Think without ink is also a very good book. I rate it to be better than arun sharma. Also I would like to say that all the books that has been listed above on the very first post is sheer non sense. Those books de...
Please suggest me which book to buy either arun sharma or quantum cat.
Which book would be better.
Plzz suggest some books fr mat i dont have any idea also plzz suggest some site from where i can download the solved papers of mat previous ones thank you
varun riat:D
i am in btech 2nd yr 4m NIT.....i rly wish to take up MBA as my future and 4 dat i need to crck the CAT,,,,,,,as a beginner wat are the books with which i can start with,,,,,,,,plz mention the pdf formats also so that i cd dwnld it from the web
thanx a lot
Hi ,
Is there any good book available on preparing for IIFT entrance exam
~Ajay basarur
M.tyra is a good book of Quant
Every book is good just remember do diffrent question
Remember Quality of Ques matters not just Quantity
I think for the basic funda why not go for M M Tyra. Its a good book.
hows trishna
another thing for u comrade puys.there r maths books by total gadhaa.do give them a look.they r available under 3 titles-
number system
boss yeh india hai,developing country nt developed country.not a single book for cat by an indian author is available in e-form.so u have to buy them to study them.hope it helps.
Hi Friends,
Please let me know where i can find the ebook for quant foundation especially from author arun sharma.
yaa i heard abt arun sharma a lot dats y i gt d book....... just took the pre assesment test.....!!! seems good if i can cover it up ..i cn switch to some other l8r....... !!!!
No one gives it to u, u have to take it
CAToholic 2011
my two cents on present discussion abt books on cat.for quants these are available in market-
ARUN SHARMA(TMH)-this book is for those who have already done their prep for cat and now just want to sharpen their quants more n more(or a book written by an mech.engr.for engrs only).the reason is t...
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how did u find the book ? is better than the others discussed!
kk... i gt arun sharma today........!!! will do dat only now......!!! thx for ur inputs @kans@IIM
No One gives it to u , u have to take it
Bhai try n follow any one book religiously..dont try n aim for trying ur hand at 2/3 books at one time coz ppl fall in trap by studying from diverse books thinking that it vwud make them much stronger but the truth is that they end up spending too much time on one topic....so i wud recomm...
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