Help required in DS section Quantitative

Hi guys,
I have a doubt in Data sufficiency section?Suppose the question is like this.
Question - What is the value of x?
(A) x^2 - 5y +6 = 0
(B) y =1
With the help of both the equations, we can find out that value of x would be wither 3 or 2.
Then what would be the answer for t...
Answer is actually 1

Statement I alone can solve the probelem

If a number is increased and decreased by the same percent, the final value got is lesser than the original one.

Hence 1

Bhars ....
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Got a doubt in another DS Question:
Q. Is the population of country C in year 2002 greater than that in year 2000?
I. The population of country C decreases and increases by same % in alternate years.
II. The population of country C in year 2001 was greater than that in year 2000.
usually in complex algebra, the square root of -1 is almost always taken as i alone. the sign is usually ignored. but in CAT, i guess it wud depend on the question setters. u will probably have to take a call on what u want to choose.... personally, i wud go for just i alone without the sig...
which came first ...the egg or the hen ?
x^2 + 1 = 0
X^2 = -1
x = +- i
what is the value of x now ??
Ps:- We can "solve" the equation ...but we cannot "determine" the value of x .....i hope i havent confused u
oops... my mistake.. thought we wud get x squared equal to 1 .. that is y i said it cudn't b uniquely determined...
sorry again,
When you use both the equations you get x^2 + 1 = 0.
Thus x^2 = -1. Which means x = root (-1) = i.
Correct me if I am wrong.
I also marked the option which says that it can not be answered even with the help of both options.
But i have seen at two places in IMS section tests where they they say you can find the value of x.
For instance in DI sectional tests of IMS - Test 3 of PART-C
They have marked th...
yes, the answer is D. plz note that if u CANNOT find a unique solution for the variable to be dtermined in DS questions, it is always D. i know it is a repeat post, but this is very important...:-)so junta, plz 4give this bugger with nthg much to do but browse....;-)
what is the value of x means ONE single value ....
So i would mark "D" as the answer (i.e cannot determine value of x even after using the two statements)