Geometry for CAT 2011 Quantitative

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Geometry, Algebra and Number system form the major chunk of our QA section for CAT.
Proficiency in these three sections would definitely boost our Quants scores.
Contents of Geometry
1. Plane Geometry - Basics and Triangles
2. Polygons and Quadrilaterals
3. Circle
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Answer is 5:6
Thanks...i have PM u ma mail id...can u pls send me all the basic and advanced materials of Geometry for CAT 11 ??
The figure given below shows a triangle ABC that circumscribes a circle of radius 3 cm. D is the point of contact of the circle with the side AB. AD = 4 cm and BD = 6 cm. What is the ratio of AC to BC?
is it 1:16 ?
1:18 got it...calc error!!
let the angles be x,y,z
x is factor of 17 let it be 17m
y is factor of 13.let it be 13m
30m+z=180...we know z<90...180-30m <90....6-m<3..m>3 and m<6(because 17*6=102)...try m=4,5
m=4...angles are 68,52,60
m=5...angles 85,65,30
answer should be 30
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b) pi*(l-b)2/4
i didn't got the answer for set 4.........wont the sides be 20.............??. how you got 10..................??....
the answere would be 60
area of trapezium (debc)=1/2 (de +bc) *h
de would be half of bc since it would be joining midpoints of ab & ac
so we get h=(6sqrt5)/5
now are of triangle = 1/2 * 2h * bc
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answer to the first question 45 degree.
is the answer is 60 ??
AIMCAT1210 Attached query Plz explain
45 should be the answer to the first question because the max area is possible wen b*h is max...that is wen they are equal
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Q.22&Q23; well to be honest i couldn't get the solution so help required
this will form a square of side 2sqrt(2) x|+y<=1
this will form a square of side sqrt(2) subtract both the areas .
required area = 8 - 2 = 6
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Answer for SET-21
Option (c)
A simple question (might be, but I have some confusion---)
Find the area enclosed by the region in square units described by x+|y|>=1 and |x|+y<=2.
options -
A 6
B 8
C 12
D 15
is the answer is option a ???
hey buddy, thanks for the material provided, but the problem is --- unable to download the pdf....plz help me in this...
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