Geometry for CAT 2011 Quantitative

Hi Guys,
Geometry, Algebra and Number system form the major chunk of our QA section for CAT.
Proficiency in these three sections would definitely boost our Quants scores.
Contents of Geometry
1. Plane Geometry - Basics and Triangles
2. Polygons and Quadrilaterals
3. Circle
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Two goats are tethered to diagonally opposite vertices of a field formed by joining the mid points of the adjacent sides of another sqaure field 20root(2).
What is the total grazing area of the two goats?
a. 100pi m^2
b. 50(root(2)-1)pi m^2
c. 100pi(3-root(2)) m^2
d. 200p...
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diagonal= longest rod
i.e. lroot(3)=35root(3)
so l=35
this can be the dia of the largest sphere
So, S.A= 4pi(r)^2
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SET - 3
The length of the largest possible rod that can be placed in cubical room is 353 m. What is the surface area of the largest possible sphere that fit with in the cubical room ?
a.3,500 m^2
b.3,850 m^2
c.2,450 m^2
d.4,250 m^2
e. None of these
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Answer to SET - 2
This is a special case involving similarity of Right angled triangle
Please find attached solution diagram
As per the similarity rule,
(Rr * Rr) = (Pr * Qr)
(Rr * Rr) = x * (13-x) (PQ is 13 by Pythogorus theorem)---------(1)
(PR * PR) = (Pr * PQ)
5 * 5 = x *...
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In the rt triangle PQR, find Rr
1. 13/60
Diagram is attached
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20 pie.. because the hypotenuse will be the diameter if it s right angled triangleand so the circumference 2* pie* 10 = 20 pie
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An easy one to start with
SET -1
A right triangle with legs measuring 12cm and 16 cm is inscribed in a circle. What is the circumference of the circle ?
a.14 pi
b.16 pi
c. 20 pi
d. 28 pi
e. None of these
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