formula to find the angle between the hands of a clock Quantitative

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I stay in triplicane in chennai....if therz anyone nearby who'll be able to form a study grp it'll be nice.....actually i'm finding it too boring and waste of time sitting home and studying alone....and again i have no new material..ive been borrowing da material from my frns though
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This is my first contri.. I actually derived this formula while whiling away my time ...here it goes...

To find the angle bvetween the hands of a clock....
if "H" is the hours and "M" is the mins...then angle can be directly obtained by
ANGLE = 30H - (11/2)M
For example...when da time is 9:30...angle is
30*9 - (11/2)*30 = 270-165=105 degrees..

hope dat was useful.....

if u ppl fiondany interesting probs also keep posting dem..will try to find solns for dat..

PS: moderators..pls forgive me if ive not used the right thread...actually i didnt have time to post all this info in diff threads...i'll follow the norms properly from nxt time :oops:
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hey thanks for the formula but where did yu get the (11/2) from
The hour and minute hand will interchange the positions after n*(600/11) minutes
and not 60/13.
thanks lucky..thats really cool..do u have anymore shortcuts like these ...it really saves a lot of time
Thanks for these tips Lucky and Ghulam bhai...
remember few things
$ A minute hands gain 11/2 degrees over hour hand every minute
$ After 12, the minute and the hour hand coincide after intervals of 720/11 minutes.
$ The hour and minute hand will interchange the positions after n*(60/13) minutes.
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hey cougher
thass okay.. i thot twuz self explanatory..anyway thanx for da effort...i'm sure that wud help others too....(BTW i thot u were trying to say that it is 90 degrees in anticlockwise direction..u've mentioned it as 90 in clockwise direction )
keep posting...wud be glad to share a ...
thanx for sharing th formula with the forum....
i would like to add something to the formula that u have suggested....
eg) when the time is 9:00
angle=9*30- 0 == 270... ( we can conclude that it is in anticlockwise direction and say that it is 360-270 =90)....
or there is anot...
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