Cracking Nishit Sinha Problems on Quant LA and DI , A step more to bell the Cat. Quantitative

This is a thread dedicated entirely to the problems faced by CAT Aspirants solving Nishit Sinha's Quant and LA/DI Book.
This thread will help CAt aspirants to understand the Basic concepts thoroughly for those who are using the book and will also help others who are preparing for various MBA e...
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Ahuramazda i have just started preparing for CAT and simultaneously .... 01 Jun '13.
saginav Free webinar From Mr. Nishit Sinha: on ' Art of problem .... 13 Aug '13.
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Percentages-Foundation sum 6.
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dipayan22 14.5 hr. 19 Feb.
sai.santosh @rgvcat_2013 sorry , answer given B --- tsd foundation .... 19 Feb.
ship vikrant starts from point P towards a point Q at noon and at 1:00 pm ship viraat strts from Q towards P. If vikranth is expected to complete vyage in 6 hrs and viraat is movng at 2/3rd the speed of vikranth. than at what time do these meet /??
4pm 4.30...
idiot20 4 pm.... 27 Feb.
anitsuri1990 4 p.m. . 03 Mar.
let the three sides of the triangle be P,B and H.p^2+B^2=H^2........eq1A/Q P+H=Lso, H=L-Psubstitute H in eq1p=(L^2-B^2)/2Larea= 1/2*B*Pfor Area to be max derivative will be 0.which gives L^2=3*(B^2)so, B = L/sqrt(3)p=L/3sin X=1/2X=30 deghence ANS 4 None of these
The sum of the lengths of the hypotenuse and one of the perpendicular sides of a right angled triangle is L. When the area of this triangle is maximum, the angle between the two sides is
Please provide the approach as well
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Two Rabbits A and B are running a race in which they have to go upto 50 m mark and then come back to starting point. A runs in a sequence of 3 steps in which distance traveled in first jump is twice that of other two and B runs in a sequence of 3 jumps where first jump is 1.5 time the distance tr...
ak.abhi03 should be B.. . 14 Sep '13.
santosh.bohra should be B. 19 Feb.
What is the remainder when (1^1+2^2+3^3+4^4+.....+100^100) is divided by 4? Please share the approach...
a) 0b) 1c) 2d) 3
u-nik 0. 15 Sep '13.
ksushil7 0. 19 Feb.
Hi,Could anyone share some insight on the approach to solve this problem
Q> Which of the following is smallest?
a) 5^(1/2) b)6^(1/3) c)8^(1/4) d)12^(1/5)
RoshniK LCM(2,3,4,5)= 60 5^(1/2)= (5^30)^(1/60) 6^(1/3)= (6^20)^.... 28 Aug '13.
jpbhat 12^1/5. 04 Mar.
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the average speed of a train in the onward journey is 25% more than that in the return journey. The train halts for one hour on reaching the destination. The total time taken for the complete to and fro journey is 17 hours, covering a distance of 800km.speed of the train in onward journey is:A 45...
abhijeetranjan9 D 56.25kmph. 28 Aug '13.
i am getting stuck with this particular type of question : ( 1!^1! + 2!^2! + 3!^3! ....... 1000!^1000! )/ (2^3 x 5). what will be the remainder ?? this is question no. 34 of number systems (page 1.13)

abhijeetranjan9 only concentrate in getting the remainder till (1!^1! + 2.... 29 Aug '13.
kingleon (1!^1! + 2!^2! + 3!^3!+4!^4!) is giving me 1+4+16+16 = .... 31 Aug '13.
7. Remainder when 22^33+10^35 divided by 45? a. 2b. 8c. 11d. None
jpbhat 2. 05 Mar.
6. Digital sum of a number is obtained by adding all the digits of a number until a single digit is obtained. Find the digital sum of 19^100. a. 1b. 4c. 7d. 9
karthik41 1. 28 Aug '13.
D.Som 19^100=(9+10)^100=9^100+100C1*9^99*10+.....+10^100.. 02 Sep '13.
5. Palindromes are numbers which when read from both the ends will give the same number. In (P)n , P is a Palindrome of S digits, where S is even written in base N. Which of following is definitely true?a. N-1b. N+1c. 2N+1d. None of theseHOW TO SOLVE THIS??
Page no:260,Maxima nd Minima....Q5.....f(x)=max(4x+3,3x+6) for x belongs to [-6,10]...I don't think the intrvl givn is crct...
Pardita The answr given is 6....how cm??? . 22 Jul '13.
ind remainder 2^45/73? guyz plz answer
anitsuri1990 rem[2^9/73]=1,so rem [2^45/7]=1 . 05 Mar.
idiot20 remainder = 1...2^45 can be split as rem[(64^7*2^3/73]=r.... 05 Mar.
Q1. A palindrome number of S digit, where S is even written in base N will be definitely divided by???a) N-1b)N+1c)2N+1
ralins N+1. 20 Jul '13.
shawshank26 N+1. 31 Jul '13.
1st 126 natural numbers are put side by side in the ascending order to form large number 123456.....123124125126. What will be reminder if it is divided by 5625.
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Does somebody have Nishit Sinha Quantitative aptitude PDF Version ebook
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