CL Adaptive Test Gym Quantitative

Guyzz! Has any1 tried dis? Basically CL replaced their old test gym wid an adaptive one where you can choose your difficulty level and stuff. It kicks ass!
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hey i had been TIME hyderabd student..im lookin forward to enroll myself for test gym..how is it?
shobhitbansal it's just awesome as you get the questions according to y.... 18 Jan.
jay3421 oh thnks fr the opinion.Looking forward to it :) . 18 Jan.
Hey .. I have been using Adaptive Test gym .. Can u plz tell me if i hav chosen beginner as my level , den is it da case dat till eternity i ll get beginner's questions only ??
unnatkhetan No, I started using it recently and it being adaptive you.... 16 Sep '13.