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Hi, Puys
CAT 2011 is finally over [smiley] [smiley]
Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2012..please use this thread for all kind of LR-DI discussion,posting questions,submitting answers etc.
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for 3rd I have posted solution above and was able to find my mistakes..... but fo 2nd i can bet it has to be noneheres answer for 1st,2nd and 4th1stonly A =a;only B =b;only C =c A and B but not C =d; B and C but not A=e; A and C but not B = f; all three x1stthe approach i sued was for 1st quest...
for these type of questions drawing venn diagrams
let studying only Aeronautics ,Biotech and Cryogenic be a,b,cstudying both A and B but not c=dstudying both B and C but not a=estudying both A and C but not b=fstudying all 3 be x
to maximise x everything else must be minimised
Now for 3r...
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The answers are
1. 149
2. 67
3. 32
4. 99
You seem to hv got the hang of it..pls share ur approach..
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@rachit_28 For the last question you have posted..I'm getting it as 80..Can you tell me where am I going wrong..drilling-30~~~Lathe-40~~~Welding-20~~~Milling-25~~~Boring-15..
When welding can't be used then the option available are D-M-B or L-M-B..so there is two option either 80 or 70 and goi...
@xitizsharma mere answers kuch is parakar hain
1....1482 None3 324....98
if correct ....... will post approach..........took half an hour to solve each....just hoping sahi hoon
puys..here is a tricky question..pls solve it nd do share ur approach..wud be beneficial for us all..There is a group of 200 students, where each student studies one or more of the three subjects among Aeronautics, Biotechnology and Cryogenics. The number of students studying cryogenics is more t...
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1) A2) C3) D4) D5) Options seem wrong.
Confirm the answers then I'll edit and post the explanations.
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@niloy1 koi to reply karo :(
@Estallar12 bhai isko kam time mein karne ka koi tarika batao pls. :)@grkkrg
80 ?? OA please
There are five different machines in a factory €“ Lathe, Drill, Boring, Milling and Welding. Each of the four products €“ A, B, C and D €“ is manufactured by using a distinct combination of exactly three out of these five machines. Drill machine is never used in conjunction with Lathe machine....
Games and tournaments Set 3 ( Revising concepts ) :-Raju and Radhika are playing a game which involves picking up coins kept on a table. Each person in his/her turn has to pick a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 7 coins, until all the coins are picked up by the players. Assume that both players are ...
@g_ankit its 4th.....can someone tell me that sign wali approach "~".
wats the OA ??
C) Pankaj
@tequierocr7 @PriyankaMitra and whoever else bothered to try it is pankaj
option 4! interpret the premise this way..it says "Rajesh goes to a temple, if it is a Friday"..we can say for sure that Rajesh goes to the temple every Friday..nothing can be inferred about his going/not going to the temple on other days (he may or may not). So a definite negation would be that ...
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