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Hi, Puys
CAT 2011 is finally over [smiley] [smiley]
Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2012..please use this thread for all kind of LR-DI discussion,posting questions,submitting answers etc.
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@Mohitinfy123 4th is it...??..
@Mohitinfy123 I think its option 4 as it opposes the main statement completely..
puys,ye choose the one which is the correct negetion of sentence wale kaise karte hai...Are they different from the logically following of the main sentence as we do normally...
Directions for question: Each question given below has a statement followed by four different statements. Choose the...
sum of pair of prime numbers starting from 11.11+13=2413+17=30....29+31=6031+37=68
@gaurav5289 yes hw tell me
complete the series-24,30,36,42,52,60,?
Only for CIRCULAR arrangement if A is to the left of B, it implies immediate left of B while moving clockwise!!!
900/5= 180
180/4 =45
45/3 = 15
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@vikky312 how ? yes it is d ans
complete the series-900,18,180,36,45,108,?,432
@rkshtsurana yes
@HeCtEr pankaj is it?
In case of circular arrangement - left means immediate left . In case of linear arrangement/ row - left means anywhere to its left.