CAT 2012 LR-DI thread Quantitative

Hi, Puys
CAT 2011 is finally over [smiley] [smiley]
Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2012..please use this thread for all kind of LR-DI discussion,posting questions,submitting answers etc.
Here are few links for previous years DI-LR thread
Useful Links:-
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someone plss help me out with the deduction based question..which is the best approach??venn diagrams or something else??really getting confused
@HeCtEr : dis is my try ..correct me if i am wrong .. correct order- (front to back):-rajiv---ojal---nakul---motilal---pankaj14-----12-----11-------15-------13aamg--shang--ramg--jamg---wang (respectively)
koi batao iska
In a certain code language EFFICIENT is coded as TCIFIFENE. What will be the code for
BIOGRAPHY in same code language?
e) Cannot be determined
as generally people post DI n LR q over there too
Why is this thread dead when quant thread for 2013 cat is having a good response?
No DI LR thread for 2013 cat was opened right?
or night shift.. this is nt a good place, sry fr spamming guys
no ; i am not human ;)
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u dnt sleep??
post more questions if you have ; am here for next 4 hours
b. 2,3
ranking will be -
1 1
please help out with this -6 runners - a,b,c,d,e,f- take part in a race. c is 3 places ahead of f. b is in fifth place . f is ahead of e. which positions aren't determined by this info?a. 1,2 b. 2,3 c. 3,4 d. 4,5
Thanks for sharing this simple approach. For third I also don't know the solution, just have the answer
@hedonistajay Even I don't know the approach, just have the answer.... :(
Please answer the question by looking at the attachment:If the volume sales of plywood, saw timber and logs were 40%, 30% and 30% respectively, then
what was the average realisation in 1993 per cubic metre of sales? (Weight of one cubic metre of
saw dust and plywood both = 800 kg)
a. 18 ...
it would be 7:10
1b 2a
for these use (n-1)/(p+1)
n= no of sticksp=max one can pick
since in first question a is winning ,that means b is picking last pebbles.So the formula should be perfectly without any remainder
for qstn 3 there can be min 6 ways. third is a bit weird .plz explain