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Hi all...
After getting PG puyscar for most helpful in quants section this year , i really thought i should do something this year to atleast justify the puyscar.. i jus thought to start a thread and post the concepts i learned through PG.. many legendary persons like vineet,implex,doc mod,mas...
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can someone tell me how to solve questions like the one given below..i am not able to understand the concept involved here-
clerk has 5 boxes of different integral but unknown weights.the clerk weighted the boxes in pairs. he obtained the weights in kgs as 122,124,125,126,127,128,129,130,132,133. how much would the heaviest box weighs?
p.s. i dont know the answers..please explain

same type of questions comes for age also..
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It is Wednesday.
hey bro is it friday
M not getting the correct answer by this method for 1st Feb 1984.
May b i m doing something wrong.:splat:...but kindly check!!!!
Bro but with the approach above yours
Last Non.Zero digit for 40!
10!- 8
40! -8^4= 6(last non zero digit)
Now for 36!x7x8x9x4=6
36!*6=6(so wat wud be the the last non -zero digit nw???)
But you have written 36!*6=2 Hw???..tell me if m doing something wrong!!!!
Thanks for this useful post but what do u mean by squares cut exactly...cud u pls elaborate??
Pigeon hole theoram
if n+1 pigeons fly to n holes, there must be a pigeonhole containing at least two pigeons
Well this theorem, look apparently simple and trivial, but its extremely powerful. Lets take a test of it.
Example= Let A be any set of nineteen integers chosen from the arithme...
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Type # 1.
find smallest no. other than k, that leaves remainder k when divided by w,x,y...
to solve such questions, take lcm of w,x,y...and add k to it.
e.g. find Smallest no. other than 4, that leaves remainder 4 when divided by 6,7,8 or 9...
take lcm of 6,7,8,9 and add 4
6 6
Re: Rectangles Cut By a Diagonal Line
The general rule: If the lengths of sides (a x b) of the rectangle are
mutually prime, the number of squares cut is a+b-1
Thus, your example: (3 x 5) gives 3+5-1 = 7
Other examples: (8 x 5) gives 8+5-1 = 12
(9 x 4) give...
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In this particular question,by looking at the signs of B and C,you can say that the factorization would be of type (x-a)(x-b).Now you can check C and try some divisibility rules over it.Like 4293 is divisible by 9(sum of 4293 is 18].Similarly,we will see that 81 divides 4293. 81*53= 4293. Also 8...
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Can anyone pour how to factorize a quadratic equation with high value of C
in Ax2 + Bx + C = 0????
Kindly refer JPEG
Questions regarding finding remainders have appeared a lot of times in CAT. Here are few ways by which u can find the remainders quickly
If M and N are two co-prime nos. and N=a^P*b^q*c^r. where (n)=N*(1-1/a)*(1-1/b)*(1-1/c).
Then remainder M^(n)/N=1
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1).Method to find the last non zero digit of n!
Z(n)= last two digit
Z(n1)= 4, if the tens digit is odd
6, if the tens digit is even
Z(n)= Z(n1)*Z(n/5)!*z( factorial of units digit)
e.g: find the last non zero digit of 36!
Z(36)= 4*Z(36/5)!*z(6)!
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can some one just tell me or paste a link or upload a pdf file as the tips, concepts, fundas in geometry and mensuration??
This is one chapter which I am not able to do not matter how much or how hard I am practising.. plz help
Alok Biyani, Kolkata
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Great thread Puys!!!!
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Important posts of this thread compiled into a simple 28 page pdf file....
Also it can be found here
Concepts.pdf - 4shared.com - document sharing - download
pdf file
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hi can you please elaborate the divisibility of 7 part.
how you have subtract the last 3 digit from the first 3 digit and checked that with the 7? i did not get that. Also can we use this for any 6 digit no. and with any divisor???
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Maximum value of an expression (a^m)(b^n)(c^p)... will occur when (a/m)=(b/n)=(c/p)....
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Great work guys.. this thread really helped a lot..
dude that book is awesome.... where did you get it from? are there books like this on other topics also?
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