What is VAT???? - GD/ GK Material Prep Resources

VAT: Value Added Tax
The value added tax is similar to the national sales tax, however, instead of implementing one tax of a certain percentage at the time of retail sale, there is a smaller tax, proposed at 5%, added each time the product is resold or when value has been added. For example a ...
since the day i have been preparing fr the pi's and gd's i have been trying to understnad VAT...thanx to this place finally got the gist of VAT...gr8 thread.

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Hope this is applicable now....!!!
which the only state in india to implement VAT ............?
gr8 posting dude
pls tell me where u found these articles
any site or any book
Super Stuff!!
Now i knw wat is VAT!
Keep posting such gr8 articles.
Dear Sivaram,
I wish to share these documents which will be useful to the prospective managers to crack the management tests.......
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hey ajeesh...
u make me rember of my first days in Pg..
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i think u can upload this info and store it.the info will be unread once the thread becomes old.
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take ...
hey, great info on vat....only prblm is that vat is not gonna come into effect anytime soon. Reason, simple......traders oppose it....and votebank politics takes over......though I wouldnt rule out a GD/PI for a commerce guy on VAT never got implemented...or why VAT was the best policy to never l...