TISS 2011 Preparation Prep Resources

Hi Guys
I plan to appear for TISS 2011. I have started preparing for it.
So, I am starting this thread where all the aspiring TISSites can prepare together.
We'll start it with GK, Quant, Reasoning, DI, etc. etc.
We can ask present TISSites to help us with our queries.
So I am sta...
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hey will pratoyogita darpan suffice for the current affair instead of the year book?
I second you bro.. lets make through it... i am pinging you my id please mail me the book..
Hi puys .
Anybody having solutions or the answer keys for the last year tiss(hrm) paper .???
Plz help
can u please send me the ebook download link for the k aswathappa book..if available? Thanks in Advance!!!
Anyone appearing for Globalisation and Labour, and Social Work? Please share your methods.
Go to https://admissions.tiss.edu/
login and download your admit card ATB
hey anvesh, can u please suggest some material to study for G.K... will it be good to study K.aswathappa for hrm (also if there are any specific topic important in that book)? your help in G.K. section preparation will really help...
Some Gyan for TISS:-
Revolutions Areas
Yellow Oil Seeds
White Milk
Blue Fish
Pink Shrimp
Silver Egg
Golden Horticulture
Black Pe...
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Dear Puys,
After writing IIFT, I turned to PG with great expectation for TISS.
But I am disappointed that none of the threads feel like discussion forum. Still puys are searching for previous year questions and posting 1 or 2 GK post intermittently. Threads have died down slowly after immen...
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Guys a little bit of help needed i am a litlle unsure about what to read this one week to improove the social awareness
I have been going through these websites.. but seems not enough progress is being made..
Human Resource Management - CiteHR Human Resource Management
Human ResourcesHR ...
hey,can somebody please tell me if there is a cut off for the bizz knowledge and foundations f management ??? and whr do we study for these sections from??
yes it's given no sectional cut off for Part 1 and part 2. my doubt is, there may not be sectinal cut offs within each section, but on the whole will there be no sectional cut offs? i mean, like we should get this much in part 1 and this much in part 2.. or will only the total marks be considereD?
go through this link......
its mentioned NO sectional or negative marking this time in both the sections..
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Can anyone please clarify what sort of business related questions come in sec2?? n wat is the best source for preparing for it?? Also does anyone have previous years papers?? if yes, it'll be really kind if u posted it.. thanks :)
puys very basic question... is there sectional cut offs in TISS paper... if yes how... only for the two major sections...or in between the sections as well... cheers
how do i prepare for the health administration programme?plz help me.... what related questions are to come?n what books should i go through?
Hi everyone!!!!!
From where to get a full length question paper of TISS
can any one help......
Ppl who were not able to download the stuff in my previous post , find TISS stuff here :)
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Hey any news about the admit cards,plz let me know....and any links for previous papers would be very helpful..!!:)