Swap of Time-CL-IMS Prep Resources

Hi frenz,
Is there anyone in Mumbai who has taken CL or Ims Mock tests and wud like to exhange the Aim MockCat papers with me.I have registered only for Time and wud love to see a wide spectrum of papers in terms of papers of IMS and CL.
I hope such kind of posts are allowed on this forum,i...
hi i am from bangalore ... have IMS material .. and want to swap for time mat. including AIMCATs . If interested , please reply .
email id: jyotiraj649@yahoo.com
I have last year CF test papers. If anybody has last year TIME papers, i would like to share mine.
Hi Sumit,
I stay in borivli. I have CL notes and papers and would like to exchange them for Time material and papers. Let me know if you are interested. My email address is
Hoping to hear from you
The Phenom
hey evrybody...
has neone joined TIME? please tell me...am in need of the latest AIMCAT's...when IMS SIMCAT's start i can start sendin them by post....can neone help me out?
iam frm delhi
i have got CL material including last yr's test series papers
n iam lookin for TIME material
so can exchange or xerox imp. things
just pm me
hi ,
ne one in madras want to share ims and cl papers i have time. mail me at shivn747@rediffmail.com .
I think i am in a problematic situation and cant answer TIME Aimcats as i dont have a centre of TIME in goa..thats where i stay...can neone help me out...this goes to the person who created this mail too...i have joined IMS which is the only one in Goa...i shall be availing their SIMCAT...
Hi, I am from Mulund and would like to know about the availability of TimeaimCats with you.
I am willing to come to Borivali to collect them.
PG Login : vivek_2502
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hey buddy,
u can swap CL/IMS material with me.
i stay in vashi-navi mumbai...let me know if interested
Hi guys,
I am in need of either time tutorials or CL(So I can take the material 2nd hand). but the ims material that I have is very old(6 yrs back).And i don't think it wud be of any use.So neone who can help..........?!
i hav time material n want ims material............ neone interested do get in touch........ will copy n return ............
I have IMS SIMCATs. Would like to exchange these for TIME AIMCATs.
Anyone in PUNE/Mumbai interested?
Me from Delhi. I have got everything from IMS and CL. Anyone wants to trade em?
I am looking for TIME/CF/PT/any-other.
i have the IMS-Sim's. would be happy to exchange for CL full length test. Myself in Andheri(W).
U can contact me at: vk@porsche.inabbdb.co.in
Best Regards,
im from andheri , mumbai... i have CF material with me... looking for time & CL material to exchange in terms of photocopy... look out for my profile for ways to get in touch with me....
hey i dunno if your offer is valid or not. but i do have the testseries of IMS. would gladly exchange them with your Time or CL stuff.
PLz mail me at chiragcheema@rediffmail.com
PS- even if u got the papers , help me out by lending the TIme or Cl papers. I'll xerox & return to u.
i have the IMS-Sim's. would be happy to exchange for AIM Cat's form TIME.Myself inandheri(e).available on weekends.
hey guys
me wishing to join in too.. I got TIME-AIMCATS & IMS-SIMs
Can somebody in Mumbai exchange CL FLTs with me..
plz reply..Thanks a ton in advance
Hey Guys!
I wanna get some CL 2-hr papers in exchange for full length IMS/TIME papers which I have.I live in Andheri(E), Mumbai.
Call moi ASAP and we'll strike a deal!
*********(post 10 pm)
********* extn ***(rest of day)
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