Swap of Time-CL-IMS Prep Resources

Hi frenz,
Is there anyone in Mumbai who has taken CL or Ims Mock tests and wud like to exhange the Aim MockCat papers with me.I have registered only for Time and wud love to see a wide spectrum of papers in terms of papers of IMS and CL.
I hope such kind of posts are allowed on this forum,i...
Hi junta,

i live in cal....anybody who has time/erudite/any other material and would like to exchange with me for ims material can pm me.

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hello ppl,
I have TIME 2004 aimcats with me ......any one can swap CL/PT test papers on photostat and return basis....
What I have
TIME 2004 and IMS 2004 complete material with mock cats..the works!
What I want
Career Plan/brilliant/PT India material
where to get me:
Pm me here or mail me ?>?>?> (please put PG-material swap as subject )
PS: Im in chennai, we can meet @ Loyola..nice landmark a...
I've got IMS material for 2004 in good condition.
Does anyone from have TIME Material for 2004 or even 2003.
I wanted to buy TIME material from the TIMe institute themselves, but they don't have any correspondence course.
So I have to resort to exchanging material
Wouls any...
hi ,i from lucknow.
got gk material and mocks of time and ims.
need mocks for snap,jmet,xat etc and other gk material
of cl
please anyone there in lucknow for exchange
hi turquoise,
me got ims material. m lookin for the mock tests for iift, xat, nmat, n so on.
got any?
hey buddy..
im in TIME n wud like to get hold of IMS/CL and ne other material...how do we go abt it?? im also in delhi..
We are a group of friends sharing mock test in mumbai.
TIME, IMS, Career launcher, Career Forum , Ascent , Professional Tutorial, Kannon Associates and others.
If u are interested mail us
a) Your email address
b) phone number
c) What u want
d) What u can give
Group of friend...
Hi guys !!
This is avinash from Pune.I got enrolled for the Time AIMCATS and also have study material from IMS.Would really like to exchange my AIMCATS for the IMS and CL testpapers.Nebody listening??
U guys can mail me at avinash_iit@rediffmail.com and we can work out the modus operandi.....
Hey can we get in touch
i m frm delhi n have joined time . if anybdy interested in exchanging mock cat papers he can pm me
Hi, I'm a TIME mumbai test series student too, and i'm looking out for CL/IMS test material. Looks like a lot of people are from TIME mumbai and need materials from other institutes. We should work this out together.
I have last yrs IMS and Time materials.would be interested in swapping for CL material.
me @Andheri.
I am a TIME test series student presently at Mumbai and would like to xchange them with CL, CF, PT or any other TEST series xcept IMS.
If anybody's interested pm me or mail me.( I think email ids r not allowed on forum so not posting it...)
hey i am from bbay - south.
have CL material and need nd CF and IMS
pls mail me
I am ready too..please take my email Id shiva2702@rediffmail.com
I have IMS BRMs
Hello there! Been quite some time since I got into CAT mode thanks to my company which has pretty much robbed me of something called "LIfe"! anyway this is my second time around and have a deluge of materials from diff institutes most of which i won't be using..am in Bangalore now and have enroll...
Hi jyoti ,
I've enrolled for AIMCAT this year ... would like to get the test papers of IMS.
which year's IMS test papers do you have?
is it true that CL is providing free mock cat on 8th August, got the info from a friend