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Group Discussion has evolved across these years and has become a very complex but Dissected methodology. It is a process wherein people who have been trained can become really stereotypical in terms of performances. This ensures that it becomes easy for the Panel to reject more number of people a...
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Hello everyone
First of all I am really sorry for posting my query on this site.
My post is totally irrelevant. After hours and hours of research i couldn't find any relevant site for my post. So, finally i decided to go ahead with pagalguy for my super-pagal post.
My younger sister is...
Hi Soumik...It is clearly evident that you have taken a lot of pain in producing a valuable content for the thread. This is very informational, not only for students but also for people from all walks of life. Be it someone attending an interview, someone meeting a potential client, formally meet...
Dont be disheartened by rejects. although one might be highly accredited with something but sometimes we fail to identify certain shortcomings as you yourself realize. Although its fairly possible that you lost out on a convert because of your cumulative score rather than just the GD or the PI.
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hello puys,,,,thanks for replying my earlier queries,,,,it really did helped me...
i am facing one more problem,,, after getting rejects in GD/PI from both IIFT and SCMHRD ,, i am a bit shattered regarding my GD/PI capabilities...
i have always had good communication skills and infact at al...
today was a mock GDPI session at my IMs center and made a big blunder in the last GDPI.
1. the teacher accused me of not giving others members a fair chance
2. getting too aggressive during the GDPI in few point
panel told me that i have a good voice but it goes into bad effect when a...
Hi Digitize,
Having read your post, I found you very much similar to me. I've my profile like the following :
(1) X - 86.4% (West Bengal State Board) - year 2001
(2) XII - 77.8% (West Bengal State Board) - year 2003
(3) I took admission in Presidency College with Zoology Hons. - in 20...
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i dont mean to prod into ur personal life , but if u ve prepared fr IAS fr 2.5 years why are u going fr an mba now
ur 2.5 years of hard work will go waste
since u already have some success i think u shud be single mindedly focussed on IAS
That was just an opinion of mine , i hope u...
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I would like to summarize and concise some of the stuff mentioned above-
1. In hand preparation
2. Reasoning
3. Analyzing the knowledge quotient of the group
4. Questioning
5. Ensure that everyone is talking
6. Foresee problems, clash or any other issues
7. Interdependence/ W...
I have couple of interviews and need suggestion on how to tackle certain questions
Please help me on these:
I have my acads as follows
but EC's are pretty good!
The reason for drop in XII is that in between of session we have to shift our house ...
dude if u take a side then u will be hesitant to discuss about other side n if u do u will be immediately contradicted
dude this depends on ur field of interest.sector in which u wud like to go after ur mba.if its consulting u can try mckinsey.if its marketing it can be fmcg like nestle:chee...
Plz anybody suggest me genuine answer of "why mba" after bba...m juz frustrated by this que
What kind of an internship would help me in a B-School entrance interview?
I'm doing engineering. I've already done a technical one and was planning for a non-tech this time.
I have some contacts in Nestle, KPMG, McKinsey etc..please reply!
in t.i.m.e i m said by teachers dat one should discuss both side means pros nd cones in a gd bt many of my frnd who r studying mba said me dat one should discuss only one side f a topic. m confused what is right nd what is wrong? plz help me
hey this is pretty good e book!!!
Language is really very lucid and nice examples used for explanation.
Great work!!
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.....................double post
hey,check out http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/other-exams-xat-fms-jmet/63353-2011-2013-nmims-gd-pi.html
btw,when is your gdpi?
You should think through the reason for yourself. Its a personal call from your end. I don't think anyone of us can help you on that.
Come back with your thoughts and we will discuss the same again
Hi all, i have done Dual degree course( Btech + Mtech) in 5 year:splat:.
If the interview panel will ask me the question that why you want to do mba after doing Mtech??:shocked:
what should be my reply??
Hi puys..
I am going to appear in the 2nd stage of admission at 'Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies' next week..
So, I want to know whether there will be just 2 rounds(GD & PI) or any other rounds also(like extempore, psycometric test, communication test etc.) ??
Please help.....
IIM Shillong- Finance club has prepared a booklet on the Finance related stuffs and it might really help the aspirants. Please follow this link:
Niveshak Interview Booklet
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