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Group Discussion has evolved across these years and has become a very complex but Dissected methodology. It is a process wherein people who have been trained can become really stereotypical in terms of performances. This ensures that it becomes easy for the Panel to reject more number of people a...
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When one says relevant work-ex, it has to relate to the specializations that one intends to take up or it has to relate to the field of study that one has completed. Generally, for MBA interviews, the first one is considered.
Therefore related work ex has to be in Marketing, or fina...
hi soumik,
i had my mock interview today.panel asked me what will i do if i am not selected in any b-school?i said tht i will look for a job that can provide me with relevant work ex n prepare better for next year.
then they asked me what relevant work ex is.
i had no answer.
what sho...
I understand that on this topic, there are a lot of emotions that come into the way of plain, logical thinking. Therefore, no matter how long the discussion lasts, you will still have that urge to contribute some points that you wanted to. Thats a Trap.
Now, about the summary, as you ma...
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Sir, the confusion I have is whether I should frame sentences like "The group believes...", "The group agreed that.." or not?
Basically, should I talk on the behalf of the group or is it just like an extempore where I'm just talking on the topic, taking the cue from the points raised in the ...
I hope that you have been able to goo through the initial posts of this thread. It is written from my experience of handling innumerable number of GDs, and also being in the panel with other distinguished B-School officials.
I still feel it will be nice if you can squeeze a Mock GD for yoursel...
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I am working now and i can hardly find any time to involve in mock GDs .All my precious GDs are when i prepared for my campus placements a couple of years back,where i used to do pretty well.Please tell me how can i prepare myself well without attending mock GDs
Your Summary looks good. Please send me some more from your end so that we can figure out if there are any issues in the trend.
Please brush up on acads as well. Your Interview will go in the direction of how you begin by stressing or talking more about the 8 months of experience you have.
As the work-ex is not vast, the discussion will last for only 5-6 minutes, post which they are bound to get into a little of acads ...
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One of the answers that I will like to give ini such situations : "Sir, If I knew why you should choose me over someone else, then I would have been on the other side of the table. I believe that I will stick to my part of telling you why am I interested in coming to your Institute and pursue the...
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I am having 8 months of work experience now,Do I have to brush up my academics of B.E or just concentrate on current affairs..
I had a mock PI.Towards the end they asked me that the person before you had exactly the same profile plus he has got some certifications as well. So why should we choose you over him , even thought he seems better (coz of those certifications).
What exactly should you answer so that its...
I would suggest that you go for some Mock sessions by asking the coaching Institutes for some demo session. This way, you will get to be in the batches that are the most competitive and therefore can gauge the kind of competition that will be there fore you. The feedback that you will gene...
Hi soumik , its a wonderful thread you've started here. appreciate your responses aswell.
would like to ask you a question. I have been working for sometime now , and im quite out-of-touch with the current affairs, this was my second attmept at cat ,had joined cl last year ,thats the last i ...
gr8 post by rocha .. i completely agree with him
one more point I would like to add is since u have some free time now .. try to get as much info as possible .. info abt anything .. use all resources newspapers, internet, books etc..
i know almost everyone will suggest reading but there ...
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hi seniors,
it feels really good to see experienced seniors like you helping us in a big way..
well my prob is that i am an average student with
10th marks - 72.2 %
10+2 marks(non med) - 54.22%
grad marks(b.comm) -63 %
rite now doin past grad diploma in marketing
the problem ...
Hey ankit
Im not soumik/harshad sir but i also had the same problem before. I mean about hesitation... You know what really works out is just go about and blabber. Any damn thing.. I'll gv u examples :
-If u go out with ur mum to the local sabji wala and u find the veggies to be lik sada hu...
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Hello sir,
I have completed my B.E. in dec , 2008. it got late due to a semister break i took coz of medical problems.. now i am sitting idle at home.
how should i justify this thing.. wen asked..
Also. i was having some hesitation while speaking with people and people generally overp...
Hi Soumik,
I have a question. When you're asked to summarize a GD orally or in writing, how do you go about it?
For example, if I summarize a GD on "Should India go to War with Pakistan?" like -
"During the course of the discussion, the group agreed that a war is not desirable for eith...
@ soumik & harshad sir
An interest is something which is more important than an hobby.so one need to have as much exposure as possible to it through practical experience .Now, my interests are football , gardening .And in both of them I have got NO practical experience .e.g. in football i a...
In IIM B there is equal weightage for GD Summary Content and GD Summary Style. Could you outline a recommended style one should adopt while summarizing a GD?