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Group Discussion has evolved across these years and has become a very complex but Dissected methodology. It is a process wherein people who have been trained can become really stereotypical in terms of performances. This ensures that it becomes easy for the Panel to reject more number of people a...
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@soumik.ganguly Sir, how to go about this one-
Mr. X started a company to manufacture pump set and after few years he also opened its subsidiary for smooth operations. He also appointed a factory manager to look after the same company. Later on he converted the subsidiary into a manufactur...
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@soumik.ganguly thanks
"Why MBA?" is a personal question for anyone, and reasoning is based on how you relate MBA into your life's bigger plans. The well established facts like - networking advantages, alumnus, backing of a brand, etc are what an MBA provides you with, but how these make sense for your life's goals and...
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@soumik.ganguly i am a dentist (fresher). i have got calls from IIM L, A(abm), and 4 new iims. can you please guide me on "why MBA?" I am interested in Health financing. can you plz suggest me how can i be grilled on that and what aspects should i cover?
@abhimukh19 thnk u so much..... this is exactly wht i was lookin for..
I have done B.Tech(I.T), passed out in 2012. I want to do MBA in marketing so that I can become Product Manager in an I.T company. Is it a short-term goal or not?and how marketing will help in achieving it? please reply urgent
This is the best thread I've ever come across , truly philanthropic I'd say..
great work soumik da!
Hi can anyone give me information on how to contact or enroll in Mr. Malay's GDPI prep classes? It would be a great help.Thanks
Can someone provide me feedback on the answer that I've prepared for Why MBA question.
Here goes the answer.
My college and professional experiences have been crucial in shaping up my career goals. During graduation, I actively participated in event management activities. I used to be in th...
You may be looking at the problem differently then what it really is. The idea is not to sit there and get across 4-5 points (even though relevant) without really being a part of the "group". You will get about 1-2 minutes to talk (in totality), and what you do in this time is whats important.
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@carrotilla Please share if you find some material around MBA in operations, even I need to study it thoroughly before appearing for any interview, it would be really helpful, thanks..
hi @soumik.ganguly .. thanks for the informative post..
i have appeared for gds for colleges in 88-93%ile range in the past.. expecting the call from some of them this year... How important is group dynamics ?? can i just get my 4 or 5 points across the group in say 4 or 5 chances.... will it...
that will depend entirely on discretion of the Panelists. They mite not directly ask you too much of engg subjects but they surely ask you if something links to your work ex. But they can at times ask basic q of your engg
@Brooklyn Thanks! Also, now that i have a 3 year work exp.. what sort of questions can i expect in the PI? Any chances of questions based on my engg subjects? (its been more than 3 years now, and i remember nothing!)
@supermario : well IMO u already gave the ans. Say to the panel the same thing, with a little modification. You tried to get an opportunity u could get in first chance but you were unallowed to participate further. Also, recession happened so having a job is better then no job
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Hi All,I have One standard Question as my Question here
Why did i graduate in Mech Engg and go ahead with an IT job?
My true reasons - made it into TCS on Day-1, Recession time and hence college didn't allow to attend other companies (not even Mech), after passing out saw my friends strug...
Few cents from me For my side .
How can you best prepare for your interview?
1) Well first thing to do is to be sure about your goals and objectives such as why MBA , Why a specific stream in MBA ,
where do you see yourself 2 , 5 and 10 years from now
2)While answering your questio...
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@carrotilla hi!These are a few links that can help you!http://gaurav-mantra.blogspot.in/search/label/Bank%20Terms
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I know it is not compulsory... but.. can you people suggest good starting point to know about business, economics and finance etc. for a person from a different background? or is just current affairs in these fields enuf?
And out of my own interest, can you people suggest good place to know m...
@carrotilla The panel will generally be interested to understand more on extracurricular activities, interests that you may have pursued in some way during your college days, serious work beyond acads, and definitely ACADS. So think about all these and prepare well. You ought to have a fav subjec...