**** O N L I N E G D **** Prep Resources

Hello Friends,
I had been going around the forum when i discovered a thread which was opened 3 years back for online GD......Well the group discussions were started and were going well but later the responses went down and there was no new message since jan 2005........
So i hope to re-star...
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Reading 20 newspapers is not feasible for Group Discussions.
I have found a site that gives the daily updates of relevant Indian IT Industry from various sources.
Just devote 10-15 minutes daily and you are done!!
The UI is so simple that your screen doesn't look like a website. Your boss thinks u are working on a document!!

India IT Updates
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Hey guys what is this Kaplan 800 ???
^^ That's it.....
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omg........i didnt knw dat something like online gd exists!!!!!!!someone plz giv me d link to a thread,were i can participate in online gd.......
Hi antara
u can pro'ly go thru' da search section...there r lotta threads regardin CAT/XAT materials...more ova u can go thru' da MBA FORUMs where u will find topicwise prep resources...evn in those thrds there r sum downloadable materials...
hey gaurav,
In the posts i read you have mentioned that you are posting some material. I am new to pagalguy, can you please send me the material or tell me how to download it. i wasnt able to see any attached document in any of the posts. Please help!
I didn't know that this old thread got re-activated again. Anyway, Online GDs are definitely going on. To know more details about them or to participate in them, you need to register on OnlineGD Yahoo Group
Thank you,
Gaurav Mittal
go through some interview threads in PG. u have posted in the wrong place.
moreover PI books will confuse u with a host of questions and provide u with no answers to any. don't burden urself too much. these questions can be answered only by one person, and thats you.
Hey can somebody suggest me some books for PI...i am a fresher in last year of my grad IT engg...
i want answers to questions like..
strengths and weakness??
why do want to do mba?
1 personality who inspires u d most and y?
hobbies??..etc etc!!
Ppl please help me out wid answers...
nothin jus adding d forum
Dude you replied a 9 months old thread.Atleast look at the date of thread when you post.
: :
gud reasoning pal....u paraphrased in a very decent way....keep it upp....
Black is the colour of space,it is the colour of the doubt and mystery and also the colour of gloom and sadness.
One of the most common colour, or rather shade that can be seen, it is a colour considered inauspicious by many, but at the same time, considered to be different and bold by the yo...
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btw a very useful thread....a recent IIM C GD was "Black is Beautiful".....??: can u see the depth of the topic...........gud critical reasoning required for such kinda topics......
Cheers Shravan.......
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Doesn't seem to be..
I have an idea..Now,that heat is low..for GDs I mean..;)
So,instead of having heavy intense discussions..we can have light,playful..(read,less controversial) discussions..on say general topics...or abstract ones..like "Sun and sand" "why is religion n castes so importan...
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is this thread active??
nice thread this one 4 subscription only..
Atul, don't promote any blogs here please!
It is good that they want to help people here, then they should first become member here and share their experiences on the threads! Hope you understand!
And please don't post the same post on every other thread! :huh:
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Hello Friends,
Some time back, I have requested my sister and brother in law(both IIM-B grads) to share their experiences and observations with the PG community.
They have agreed to do that for the cat aspirant junta aiming to crack it big but have confusions lingering in their mind.
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