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Hi Guys,
Any one preparing for the RBI Grade B officers exam to be held on 16 Oct apart from CAT, please post any info regarding preparation u have, any online resources, books to refer, type of questions et al.
Also anyone from Delhi pls pm me if interested in group study.
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jacks_parro Does it follow the concept of sectional cut off ?. 26 Jul '13.
hanushanand ^ LOLwa, bhai 2005 ka Post hai. :D . 26 Jul '13.
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Wren and martin .... and also many books available in this link


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    expected cutoff for rbi grade b 2013GEN 130-35OBC 120-25SC 115-20
    tan009 I think it will be around 120 for general besides there a.... 04 Sep '13.
    ISudhanshuSingh i think u r in direct contact with raghu ram rajan :) . 04 Sep '13.
    Where can i get the last 6 month issues of the Pratiyogita Darpan .Please let me know.
    JohnyJohny online..goo2 thr website. 30 Aug '13.
    MalavikaM @kamleshjumrani @JohnyJohny bankxamsguide.blogspot.in/2.... 01 Sep '13.
    yaar where are the resources for prep....??
    YOYOYO what resources ? buy a book start preparing . the previou.... 14 Jul '13.
    Which is the exact date of the examination? 17/24 or 25th? when will they inform us?
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    sinha_abhinav when do they inform? any idea of the phase 2 exams? when .... 15 Jul '13.
    YOYOYO will be mentioned in admit card and its given in the adve.... 15 Jul '13.
    I scored 61.9% in my B.E. but my university recognize it as second division, will i be eligible?
    Please help
    YOYOYO why dont you call them up ? . 14 Jul '13.
    I can;t find any link for resources..guys plz help me with the links...
    Where can i get all the previous Grade B phase 1 papers from 2001 to 2010.Please reply
    ISudhanshuSingh please post the link of thread where details abt study ma.... 06 Jul '13.
    YOYOYO did you check - mrunal.org ? . 14 Jul '13.
    Which is the good book for Quant section ? Is R .S Aggarwal sufficient or should i refer some other book .
    swathik123 WHAT is the anual package for GRADE B offcier?. 27 Jul '13.
    Pramit_Arch 13 lacs :P . 29 Jul '13.
    How to prepare for Economics part in RBI Grade B officer Phase -1 exam.Please help me
    DreamITI @kamleshjumrani learn what to take and what to avoid fro.... 28 Jun '13.
    kamleshjumrani @DreamITI I know nothing is impossible.Well thanks for y.... 28 Jun '13.
    hii could any1 please inform ..after payment through offline for grade b officer exam ..what will be the next step
    LalithKiller Go and prepare. 25 Jun '13.
    Gunzerker @LalithKiller hahahaha......!!! ROFL !!. 25 Jun '13.
    @boletohHello friends, How do I mention freelance work in 'Details of Work experience' in the application form? Should I mention- 1. Name of employer as Self employed and 2. Designation or Rank i...
    Anyone who can answer my query???
    icecool11 You should mention it. They may not consider it as "usefu.... 15 Jun '13.
    boletoh thank you both for replying. @pallavi70 I don't think .... 15 Jun '13.
    have heard that there'll be a common written exam held for the post of "administrative officers "in insurance companies ...is it true ??? if so when will the notification be out ,similarly Income tax department to recruit 21,000 vacancies for various post in this yr ...any idea ..regarding this...
    pallavi70 here u go.. pagalguy.com/forums/jobs-and-careers/aao-gen.... 13 Jun '13.
    Hi Puys,
    Grade B prelims will be of 3hr duration ?
    SD100 approximately 3 hours..the previous exam was of 130 mints.... 13 Jun '13.
    Guys I am a Probationary officer working in Union bank of India with one year of experience (Probation period). What should I tick in "Do you have experience as an officer in comm bank/FI in public sector" in the online application of RBI Gr B officer keeping in mind the notification which says t...
    SD100 And I think that you have to produce no objection certifi.... 13 Jun '13.
    TREVOLTA friend, in form i include my probation period in the tota.... 01 Jul '13.
    Hi I also want to appear for RBI. Grade B exam. My CGPA is 6.11, am I eligible for it?
    I have a certificate from College saying:
    Conversion from CGPA to percentage of marks does not have any rigor or rationale. However, an approximate and indicative equivalence between CGPA and percentage o...
    divyanshu28 @charanraj123 with a risk and confusion in mind about e.... 01 Jul '13.
    charanraj123 @divyanshu28 dont worry...jus fill as 1st class and conv.... 01 Jul '13.
    I completed my b.tech on 16th May 2013 and now waiting for results. Results will come in a few days and before June ends. And when I apply online, I will have details of all mark sheets. Can I apply for this exam? or 1st June thing is so restrictive that I won't be allowed for interview in case ...
    YOYOYO you wont be allowed . marksheet is different from result .... 13 Jun '13.
    i got a gpa on a scale of 4. how do i normalize this on a scale of 10?
    Hello friends,How do I mention freelance work in 'Details of Work experience' in the application form?Should I mention- 1. Name of employer as Self employed and 2. Designation or Rank if any as Freelancer?OR should I altogether skip mentioning this freelance experience. Note- I have worked as fre...