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I started this thread,as I don't find any thread where past Interview questions are posted in a systematic way.I request all PG users who had already attended many interviews to post their interview experience,so that others will gain from the same.
Best of luck to all of...
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In the above list there are some questions which will not be asked by any fresher as a fresher don't carry any work experience.Kindly point out the questions in which u have confusion.Before that I suggest u to read previous posts deeply.That will automatically answer some of the questions.
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i have problems in above mentioned questions.how shud such questions be dealt with(by a fresher)?
Come on friends...Lot's of questions are posted and no discussion on any particular question.Plz come and share your experience.Those who have doubts relating to any particular question,post your query so that someone will respond and it will be helpful to everyone visiting this thread.Let's gear...
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tell us about yourself.
why do u want to pursue management as a career.
what r ur career objectives.
what do u feel about ur academic performance till now.
what is ur favorite subject.
how do u spend ur leisure time.
what r ur strengths a...
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Some Commonly Asked Interview Questions
1.Why did you decide to enter the field of management OR what motivated you to seek a PGP?
2.What are your strengths and weaknesses?
3.List three of your most important/proudest accomplishments.
4. The person in this position needs to be innov...
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Interview duration=20 min(approx.)
1.Tell us about your family background?
2.Which other colleges have you applied for?
3.What is the difference between debit card and credit card?
4.Give us one reason why we should select you and two reason's why we should not?
5.If we make an off...
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I found this article on web -
:The MBA Interview - Expect Behavioral Questions:
MBA admissions committees typically weed out weak applicants and call the rest for an individual personal interview. You may have thought that interviews were all about getting factual information about you - t...
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1. Blaming your College/School Professor for low scores: You are always 100% responsible for your grades. If you have low scores then dont ever state that your teacher did not clarify the subject or rushed the topic. Do you think studies at IIMs or any MBA insti...
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Even after months of preparation, some candidates do not perform well inside the interview room. The trick is to follow a few commandments mentioned below & practice them during mock interview sessions diligently. You are sure to crack the personal i...
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Institute -SIBM
Centre -Pune
Educational Background - B.Tech(mech)
Duration - 6 min(approx)
1.What does your surname mean?
2.Do u think thank you is important?
3.What are the other etiquettes that one talks about these days?
4.Do u think ethics are important in corporate ...
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Why xyz??? Before attending interview at xyz,u should collect information about faculties,teaching methodology,campus,infrastructure,location etc.
How xyx......? Because after successful completion of course,u will be eligible to enter into corporate world.
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I found this on Internet :-
Most business schools require an interview and three recommendations. These give you an opportunity to show your skills, personality, and drive in a way that test scores and transcripts do not.
It is useful to have an idea of what you consider to b...
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suppose there is b school called xyz
then they might ask:-
why xyz.
how xyz can help u to reach ur penultimate dreams.
ur favorite subject.
and if u have bad academic , then they can also ask the reason for the same...
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I am posting some past questions:-
20 min(approx) interview
1.Tell me about yourself - your strengths and weaknesses.
2.Tell us about your work experience.
3.What is your aim in life?
4.What is the dividing line between commerce and economics?
5.Why you want to do MBA/PGDM?
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