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I started this thread,as I don't find any thread where past Interview questions are posted in a systematic way.I request all PG users who had already attended many interviews to post their interview experience,so that others will gain from the same.
Best of luck to all of...
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ma question:* is it true that the interview is based on the DAF we fil..??
* and wat should be da answer if they ask that y m i intrested
in the course i applied for..??
My question is
Is there any tailor made answer to the question "Why should we take you" ?
The reason being whatever I say the panel always replies that this quality is present in others as well.Whatever it may be,the reply is the same:WHAT IS THAT XTRA???
Is it that I need more introspec...
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hey shubho thnx mate.....
ya posts are surely gonna help a lot..
ya guys doin a great job...
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Can Ny1 Discuss GDPI For SIES PGDM.....................................
Its On 21st FEB.
:Your rights in the interview:
There are clear human rights guidelines for employment interview questions. An applicant for employment may be asked to divulge only information relevant to the position applied for. By law, an employer must focus on gathering information relevant to deciding if ...
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We are supposed to go and stand near the chair. We shouldn't ask for their permission to sit. There were instances where the whole interview was conducted with the interviewee was standing.
And generally we shouldn't offer them our file unless asked for which they will invariably do at some p...
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after entering the interview room. are we req 2 just sit there after their permission or we have 2 show our degrees and all at the starting.
my question sounds really stupid but i wanna know is there anything which we have 2 do on our own rather than being asked.
18. Why do you wish to join IIM (A)? If IIM (C) offered the same study method, but with a lower fee structure, which would you join?
19. Why have you applied abroad? For which fields of MBA have you applied? To which university have you applied?
20. Why are you not interested in research? W...
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1. Why do you wish to take up management as a career? Why are you interested in joining this Institute?
2. How do you know that management interests you?
3. What is management? How do you think it will help you?
4. What are your career goals? Tell me how it will help you ...
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Point noted there mate. Thanks for your input!
@ subho_86
Thanks for posting valuable questions here.Your posts are quite good but I suggest to to edit your posts and arrange them in a systematic way.In some questions,I found that some part of the question is below the first or second line inspite of some place remaining in the preceding l...
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Why MBA is needed into the young blood?
The Master of Business Administration, commonly known as the MBA, is an internationally recognized postgraduate business degree. It is an academic in character i.e. awarded by universities but yet it stresses on practical aspects...
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48. What are your views on consumerism culture on T.V.? Who are Napier, Newton?
49. What are the similarities between Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela?
50. Name any one person who has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in the last 5 years.
51. Name a Nobel Prize winner who ...
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1. Tell me something about your hometown. How do you compare the people living there with
people living in your society?
2. Questions on home state: political situation, is it economically advanced? Give statistics in favour
of answer.
3. Name some industries in ...
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Posting from questions from previous years. Hope it helps people.
1. What were your subjects at the final year? What was your favourite subject? Why?
2. Give details of any project done as a part of your course and your contribution in it.
3. Do you remember your X standard H...
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hi puys
i have 1 question want answers so that i get idea to answer in my words after knowing it. ;)
Why u want to do MBA?
i want answer which shouldn't involve placements or money
Plzz helpme
I generally get caught with this question:-
Having done your Engg in Electronics and Comm,why did you chose to pursue a job in an IT company??
Now it was due to lack of enough available options,also due "easy to get into" profiles of IT companies,
But what's gonna be the interview speci...
First of all I suggest u to read previous posts of this thread.I hope it will provide u maximum tips and information about PI.After that if u have any doub't,kindly post your query here.U will always get a satisfactory answer to your question.
hey...i got a call for pi at tiss media and culture studies...
can i get some kinda help as 2 how shall i face da interview...
wat awl stuff they ask.....
is it true that the interviews are more of a grilling session.....
Your opening statement needs to be a summary of your goals, overall professional capabilities, achievements, educational background, strengths, professional objectives and anything about your personality that is relevant and interesting. This question represents an opportunity to lead the interv...
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