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Welcome friends...
I started this thread,as I don't find any thread where past Interview questions are posted in a systematic way.I request all PG users who had already attended many interviews to post their interview experience,so that others will gain from the same.
Best of luck to all of...
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Why xyz??? Before attending interview at xyz,u should collect information about faculties,teaching methodology,campus,infrastructure,location etc..........

i think u r taking my post in some other way.
these r those q which any one can ask.:-x

:nono:how many interview u have attended uptill now
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i have done bsc in microbiology.i want to do an mba.can u suggest how should i deal with the question when asked in B school that why i want to do an mba after graduating in microbiology?
i have done bsc in microbiology.i want to do an mba.can u suggest how should i deal with the question when asked in B school that why i want to do an mba after graduating in microbiology?
For Boys : Formal with a tie
For girls : Suit i think 'll do. OR Formal shirt & pants olso..
Avoid Western Wear
A Profile of Successful Applicants
Our interview questions are designed to identify your stengths and weaknesses for all of these criteria. We particularly probe the following five areas:
a) Professional experience. We seek students who have been exposed to the reality of business and the e...
First steps on how to approach an interview?
Do your homework
Have well thought out answers for questions such as "What are your strengths? Why are you right for that particular business school? Why is that particular program right for you?":-o
It shows organization and forethought if yo...
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What to Expect in an IIM Personal Interview?
The focus of a B-school interview can range from specific questions about your job to broad discussions on life. Approach the interview as a conversation to be enjoyed, not as a question-and-answer ordeal. It may be about your hobbies - your recent ...
hi......Frnds gv me info abt management quotient test at IMs. I have received call letter frm IMS, Gaziabad. pls.
Here is a very good book on number system which i am sure will be really very helpful for all of u.
here is the attachment. its a pdf file of size of about 2.9 mb.
zSHARE - Number Systems.pdf
i hope it will benefit u all.
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Let me tell you one of my friends' experience for a similar question at TAPMI. Well, this is not the ideal answer but the way he used to tackle the situation.
Panel: Tell us 3 reasons why you want to join TAPMI
Candidate: 1. I satisfy the eligibility criteria.
2. I want to do an MBA.
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A resume is the cornerstone of your career, and finding a resume service in the UK is as important as finding one anyplace else in the world! What can a resume service do for you? It can take information that you give to them and whip all that information into a snapshot of you, your abilities,...
There is no ideal ans. Just tell what you think about it. Interviews are all about how the panel perceive you. So be urself and hope for the best
Blazers / western formal are allowed for girls ...
If your interview centre is in one of the smaller towns of Maharashtra , I would recommend that you go for a formal indian wear ...
what are the questions asked in mah CEt interview??
also is it good for a girl to wear indian or western formals for the pi??
are blazers allowed for a girl?
It Is Better If Its Perfectly Formal.....
Guys With Tie,Though Its Not Compulsion As Far As I Know.
Girls In Trousers & Shirt OR Indian Wear Like Chudidaar Kurta/Punjabi Suit...Though Chudidaar Kurta Luks Much Better In Indian Wear.
Correct Me If M Wrong...Its My Experience!
Good Luck...
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people wat about the dress code...for the interview...
Hello friends
can anyone tell me :
What about tie
is it must in interview?
hello friends
can anyone help me out as what could be the ideal answer to these qns--
1.define success.what are the qualities req to be successful?
2.give a brief description of ur career goals explain how this course would help u attain them?
I don't think there are any tailor-made "out of the box" answers to a question like "Why should we take you?" Your reasons for wanting an MBA will vary, and the MBA admissions committee will want to hear all of them, I think.
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LOL. yeh you should always choose one option , cause then the panel thinks that you are "beating about the bush". just get to the point , (i might want to ask the panel if they are in a relaxes mood , that whether it is out of 100? ) it is a tricky question , lot of rebuttle for anything u may sa...