Official GK Thread for MBA entrance Exams 2010-2011 Prep Resources

Hello Pagalguys!!!! [smiley] [smiley]
General Knowledge as we all know is a vast subject in itself, spanning from applying common sense to mugging up facts. It is important not just for exams like - SNAP, IIFT, IRMA (and others of the ilk) but also after the commencement of GD/PIs.
So, ...
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harshbhagia Says
hey could anybody tell me gquest by ims still availaible ..??

yep...u can purchase itz monthly subscription or use by ur IMS enrollment...:-P
its very good for GA/GK prep dere r lotz of materialzzz....:
"..Always try ur best to get whatever u LIKE, Otherwise, U will be forced to LIKE whatever U get..."
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Puys Plzz shift ur discussions to the new thread....for the upcoming MBA Season
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Business GK
1. Which of the following is not a hedge fund ?
a. Mangellan b. Highbridge
c. Gartner d. Blackstone
Ans. c
2. Which city is Europes main bullion market?
Ans. Zurich
3. Preferred Provider Network (PPN) is a term used in which of the following businesses ?
a. C...
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for previous issue of pratiyogita darpan..
Free Magazine Downloads: Pratiyogita Darpan magazine March 2011 free to read online
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Hello People ,
It feels so nice to get back to PG after such a long time.
Nice to see that GK Thread is still going on
Appreciate your efforts.
This is the link for the e-magazine of Pratiyogita Darpan, which I am following these days.
PratiyogitaDarpan - Powered by Pressmart
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hi puys
pdf file pdf file pdf file
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hey could anybody tell me gquest by ims still availaible ..??
Important M&A; and latest happenings (business GK)
1. Dr Reddy's completes 10 years on NYSE.
2. Garware Motors to introduce Hyosung bikes in India.
3. Aditya Birla Chemicals buys Kanoria Chemicals unit.
4 Aditya Birla Group acquires Domsjo Fabriker(deal about Rs. 1,500 crore)
5. ...
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Posting here after a big gap...Mission IIFT/SNAP
1. Who is /are the founder/s of Microsoft?
a. Bill Gates b. Paul Allen
c. Bill Gates and Paul Allen d.Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie
Ans. c
2. Hewlett Packard Co. in March 2011 announced to ...
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Find the book the world is flat AND GK FILES
pdf file doc file zip file zip file zip file zip file zip file zip file zip file
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you can press the thanks tab on the bottom right of every post to thank a user instead of posting a new message
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Mr. Bloomberg is having net worth over $ 18 Billion not $ 5 Billion
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few fms papers...
pdf file pdf file pdf file pdf file
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here is few gk prep materials..useful for iift and snap and likes...
pdf file pdf file pdf file pdf file pdf file
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Thanx theairbender!!!
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concise gk by thorpe 2011 from pearson publication has up to date information.
gk today monthly magazine has gk of that particular month 2011.
give it a try
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Hi Puys,
I was just reading Manorama 2011 it has exhaustive info but does anyone know when will Manoram 2012 will be published? because the 2011 isuue has 2010 and2001 stuff so to refer to 2011 current affaire we need 2012 isuue.
And one more thing Pratiyogita Darpan publishes another book...
pdf file pdf file pdf file pdf file
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pdf file
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Indian Current Affairs
I was going to post this site. This is a very good site for GK prepration.
You can subscribe and you will get their newsletter everyday in your inbox. This newsletter will cover news related to indian finance and economy, international news and also new words for imp...
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