GD-PI Prep @ 2009-10 (Discussions about Current Affairs/Interview Questions/GD) Prep Resources

Hi Puys [smiley] ,
As we all know that most important written xams of our lives are about to end and the decisive GDs and Interviews will be starting somewhere in mid-January...:wow:
SP Jain will be the front runner in the league to "call n test" us on these two parameters..:clap:
So i t...
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hi puys,
this thread has served its purpose for the season.

moving it to the prep resources section for reference & closing this thread.
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Topic like
Eurp prob
American mediclaim bill
Greece e.t.c.
hi all
kindly discuss some latest topic here.
hi puys....
It is long time that i discussed stng on this thread..it started wid telangana issue and then everybody knows what has been achieved by this thread....
Many gud discussion have made and i hope it will continue and will be realy helpful in gd and pi{in m intrw whole telangana is...
Hello Friends
I would like to thank all of you for your support during GDPI prep. I have converted SPJIMR & NMIMS, Joining SPJIMR .
Congratulations to everyone for their converts.
Nishant Chawla
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the discussion of separate state arises only when there is unequal development of different part of the states its solution is not in the division of one state into so many parts but in providing equal resources to each and every part of that state so that they can develop equally and no quest...
Thanks alot for the info yaar....
Mazza aa gya yeh figures dekh ke..
On a lighter note,i request all my GD-PI friends to please vote for my Avatar in Poll here:
Vivek and Nitin...Nice to c that you guys are still around!! Actually i was gonna post the details of converts here..was just collecting them
Nishanth chawla- SP jain (mkting)
Satwick- IRMA
Sheeva Dubey- MICA
Manu - MICA
Amit basin -IIM A (Converted the only call :))
TJ -- GIM (...
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I've not converted anyhing yet Nitin...:drinking:
And people plz plz vote for my avatar at :
Some Update:
1. cyborg(Nitin)- 4 IIM calls, IITB ( Converted ) , IIT Kgp ( Converted )
2. hariseez: SCMHRD ( Converted ), IITR ( Converted )
3. Shiva: FMS
4. murali: XLRI ( Converted ), IITB ( ?? )
5. Vivek : NITIE
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Hi Puys,
As we can see that the thread was dormant owing it to tight GD-PI schedule, just wanted to tell all of you that some of the people from this thread have converted their calls and that too in premier istitutes..
(Will Keep this Post updated)
1. cyborg(Nitin)- 4 IIM calls
2. ha...
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topic for discussion
1 ipl is purely a speculative ctivity rather than business proposition
2 non violence is not a solution for permanent peace
topic for discussion
"ilp is purely speculative activity rather than businee activity"
Very pertinent questions but no one seems to answer...no one can guide you here to any threads here..y don u try the small search button on PG Actually there individual threads dedicated to these questions as such!!! So try them for more inputs...
But basically from my 3 yrs experie...
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excellent analysis
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hi seba,
you must write one or at max two lines in the start for the introduction and then start writing the whole thing...
in such a case, i think you need to be clear and readable hence small and coherent paragraphs must be used...
hope it helps...:)
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An off topic query
I have my interview wiith IMT this Sunday 4th April
They are giving case studies, which we will have to write upon in 2 pages and in half an hour
Puys need your input about how to go about it.
I mean to say in what format should I write. Should I have an inntroducti...
be honest out here ... if the call is between some college like IIMs and on the other hand colleges like N.M or sibm-p then without doubt go ahead and say IIMs...
and if they are asking between collges of same calibre like MDI / NITIE , then prefer the college u r giving interview for ....
I have a query: In the interview if you are asked if you want to join their own xyz inst or iima/b , what shd we say?
i am a new user in pagalguy . have anyone enrolled for gd-pi in TIME. if yes could you please give your username and password so that we can read gd-pi briefcase available in time website