Electrical/ Electronics and communication engineering core interview questions. Prep Resources

hi puys,
panel in mba interviews always grill on acads related questions. so plz help out each other n post core questions that can be asked in management college interviews
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    Q-What are the disadvantage of FM ?(short coverage due to Line of sight comm.)
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    u will find a capacitor,resistor in fan..
    also the tubelight choke is an inductor and resistor.
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    8085 was an improvement on 8080 micro processor.it was fully software compatible with 8080,thats y it got the 808.
    the 5 was added because it was the first micro processor to run on 5 V supply.
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    my god...some of the questions wud hv made me freeze...
    whats the answer to this question-
    Why is the 1st micro processor named 8085??
    lemme know if anyone of u know this...n plzz guys wen u post a question post its answer too...
    there is one basic always asked... "whats the diff bet...
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    Some of the questions I got this season in interviews are
    1. What is hole theory?
    2. What is avalanche effect?
    3. Difference between CDMA and GSM?
    4. What is GPRS? How does it work?
    5. Have you heard of 4th generation mobile techlogy?
    6. What is S/N ratio?
    7. What is transpon...
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    Hi friends,
    This si avery basic Ques asked?
    What is the difference between real ground and virtual ground?
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    Hey,thanks to whoever started this thread...escaped without any acads questions in bangalore..dunno if my luck's gonna continue..so keep postin..
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    where in this room (interview room) can u find a rectifier ,capacitor , transistor etc
    actually any component u can think of ......
    guys please keep this thread alive and also if u know any answer please post it .
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    woh raaadi mein faki hui kitabeein utha lo bhaiyo yeah mba wale nahin chodenge
    yeah lo
    what is diode and thyristor, fuzzy logic,capacitor(where do u use),filter?
    what is zero crossing rate ?
    different parts of speech processing?
    diff b/w digital and analog?
    maine exam k baad m...
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    Few More:-
    1. What is a flip-flop?
    2.What is a register?
    3.Difference between GSM and CDMA technology?
    4.What is the difference between 8085 and 8086 microprocessor?:grab:
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    Moving the thread to Prep Resources - that's the relevant section and moreover it might get lost in the CAT and Related Discussions section
    Whats the difference between E&C; and electrical engg??
    Why didnt u opt for Comp sci!!
    Which is you fav subject??
    Why is the 1st micro processor named 8085??
    Difference between micro processor and microcontroller!!
    Will post more later as i gather or remember them
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    Fantastic thread..this is just what i need. I am an ECE engineer and am currently preparing for GD/PI....I hope this thread picks up some momentum.. It would be so very useful!.. Thanks anuj for starting this.
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    q1 - what all these semiconductor do.-icfai
    q2-what is the maximum power u have handled practically-imi
    q3-what is super conductivity -bimtech
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