Commerce Q & A - It will help during your PIs Prep Resources

Hello All,
I am attaching below a file which contains 149 files I had collected as preparation for last year's PIs. All the files have to do with answers to questions you might be asked with respect to commerce, b.com, accounts , consultancy, finance , exim policies etc.
It took many hours...
8 8
Tsk Tsk. Next you want the handy guide to hypnotize the panel ?
hey allwin,
too good buddy..way to go!!quite some work done on all this stuff...thanx again nth time..just lost count there..:wink:
Do u have anything more specific on Mechanical Engg Fundas, cause its really a vast field man and a pain to go thru all over again.
'Ameen' and 'Summameen' to what Archana said.
Sandeep Achar
hey pagal
thanx a million.tumhara kalyan ho.
Hi pagalguy
Please mail the password to me also. My e mail is hiteshchadha123@rediffmail.com.
Ok pals, here is the engineering edition. Have fun !
1)Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering
2)Differential law vibrations in air column
3)Newtons third law
4)Basics in thermodynamics
5)Why shift from engg. To mgmt? Basics of heat transfer and fluid dynamics
6)Chemical princip...
Mailed you. The archive also contains a GK file.
hi pagal guy
what is the password as u have mentioned, post it on this forum for everbody or want to mail individualy, so my email id venu212@rediffmail.com
any gk material ??
Thanx for the Science Qs. Some of them are really make u work ur bean. Well, now i'm waiting with bated breath for the Engg Qs........
If x + y = 20 , xy = 240, what is x -y
i am still racking my brains over this
looking fwd to engg questions
Hi PG !
Awesome work, dude ! Waiting with bated breath for the Engg Q & A
I haven't been around bcoz i am getting killed in office. Thank god this is after CAT !!!
Great job Allwin..Thanx for taking time out from ur busy schedule and posting this..Looking forward to the Engineering Qs
Thanks :)
Ok guys, below are the questions asked during interviews to BSc students. Some are for physics, some chemistry and some biology. Take your pick and prepare well. The engineering section has around 80+ questions. I'll type em as soon as I get a lil free time.
1)Draw a parabola & Hy...
Well PG ...
Thanks for everything dude .... we tell u .... ur contri is priceless ...
I'll post em by midnight. The entire bunch of questions I've got here with me. You guys gotta pay me for typing that list out
Hi Archana,
I can arrange for a set of questions which previous Science/Engg grads have been asked. I have a list of them, I'll type em out for you sometime. But I won't have the answers for em. Chalega ?
hi pagal
do u have something for people from science background like comp sc.,maths,stats.it would be of gr8 help.
and thanx for clearing up my doubt on XAT