Commerce Q & A - It will help during your PIs Prep Resources

Hello All,
I am attaching below a file which contains 149 files I had collected as preparation for last year's PIs. All the files have to do with answers to questions you might be asked with respect to commerce, b.com, accounts , consultancy, finance , exim policies etc.
It took many hours...
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first of all thanks for this thread it is so important
now many guys said that they can not open file from http://www.pagalguy.com/cat/files/PI...al-PGForum.exe

all knows that Password is: www.pagalguy.com/cat/

now i tell u what is process to open the file
step 1 : download file
step 2 : click on that
step 3: after clicking u will see word written as Unzip just click on that
sten 4: enter the password but when u enter the password u must check that Caps Lock is on
now u see that file is open in C **** and folder name is PI-Material-PGforum
that's it
main think to check is when u enter password ,Caps Lock must be on
it is so so easy
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Try once - http://www.pagalguy.com/cat/files/PI-Material-PGForum.exe
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i m nt able to save d file.
option of saving is nt accessable....
wht to do
@ nidhii agrawal
The password is -
Plz don't post your ID's here.It's beyond forum rules.U can use private message.
Take care
srry i cnnt open the file .can u plz snd th content in my email as soon as possible
plz reply as soon as possible
plz reply as soon as possible.i want to gt the questins
may i knw th passwrd of zip file plz
hi pagalguy, tell about amity gd
Hey buddy..
i downloaded the file that u ve put up here bt it doesnt seem to open..guess theres some error.cud u pls send this file to the following email add: special_pal@hotmail.com
Hello All,
I am attaching below a file which contains 149 files I had collected as prepara...
very late to this thread..
anyways amazin work man..!!
hi, could you send me the password too??? my mail id is krishma_84@yahoo.co.in
if u have any other useful stuff, please keep posting it... this forum is REALLY, REALLY great...
Hey buddy,
great work!!!
hi just found this thread.
is the stuff given in the file available for download of some use to the engineers. Can they be asked these questions on commerce,finance in depth.
This thread is like pure gold for a Engg like me who's tryin to widen his territory by encompassing Commerce...
THnX ..cheers!!
CAN SOMEONE PM me the password!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey man
pls send me password
email id is varkapoor@yahoo.com
please mail the password to me dude at nitinpahuja@gmail.com
gr8 wrk.i am also lookin forward for discussin the answers.lookin forward to it.
Just bumpin this thread because the first post here contains a very useful file posted by PG way back in 2002. It would be of a lot of help to people, now that they have started their GD/ PI preparations.
Hope the mods do not mind.