Coaching classes for CAT ?? Prep Resources

Hi Friends
Im Darshan, currently working in Tata Honeywell Ltd.
I recently joined.
Planning to give CAT this year.
I hope my association with this site would be helpful to me and all.
I have this query.... How useful is taking coaching classes for CAT ??
Can one prepare at home...
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Hi Darshan
I too agree with curio... coaching classes do help...u need to know the competion, u need to feel the competition, and also interact with them!!!
If u r already aware of the patterns of exams, the people, ur strenghts and weaknesses (VA,DI,RC,QA)...and know how too work on them, ...
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Going for classes helps you in the sense of you will be forced to maintain a schedule and it's easier to ensure that you do some regular work.
Also being in contact with people taking the CAT helps you know what kind of work you need to be putting in when.
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HI Darshan,
I feel if u have the materials and if u feel that u can study everyday without any help then that will be the best solution.But u need to go for the test series of diff institutes...that is very important..
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