Coaching classes for CAT ?? Prep Resources

Hi Friends
Im Darshan, currently working in Tata Honeywell Ltd.
I recently joined.
Planning to give CAT this year.
I hope my association with this site would be helpful to me and all.
I have this query.... How useful is taking coaching classes for CAT ??
Can one prepare at home...
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anbody needing career launcher's study materials,exercise sheets,test series,last 5years papers of cat,xat,snap..etc in kolkata...even i can provide wit 25 mockcats online..
intested ppl can post m..
ANYBODY needing TIME + CAREER LAUNCHER MATERIAL in bangalore pm me. I got admission to IIMK and i am leaving town in one week. I have extra test papers etc available as well. I am also in a hurry and will give a good deal. Test series and along with this material should suffice for a good coachin...
Patrick sirs class is known by the name ***** Academy. You can get his contact details is ***** Academy.
Online resources are not so good ,they are good only for the beginers so better start with a paper based material of one of the top coaching institutes for basics and few books(QA & DI ) and previous year papers of CAT (VA).Also, practice questions from PG,TG etc. and mock papers of TIM...
MBA on demand, at the best, shall help you in brushing up the basics and fundamentals of QA..I doubt that it will serve the purpose of classroom teaching,,,you can visit this link for more info:- MBA Test Prep on Demand - Online program to learn fundamentals of various topics that appear in CAT ...
anyone plz advice me ab8 da course "MBA ON DEMAND" by cl----how is da course?
whts its cost?
I want to know about byju's coaching classes for CAT in DELHI, including batch start date, fees, duration and other things..Can anyone please help me out with it!!
I think thats the best choice u can make - AIMCAT and SIMCAT .
Although, the QA level in CAT'09 was not quite AIMCATs make ur life relatively easy when it comes to handling even easy questions.
I personally feel that getting 99+ in QA is not tough if u have done good enough in AIMCAT QA .
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time aimcats r undoubtedly da best although cat question pattern has changed in 2009(i thnk so..........),it is not same as in 2008(where qa was vry. tough)---so dose who hve gven cat 2009 do dey suggest 2 gve aimcats?????????
moreover,if ims simcats r vry good for VA thn i think it is better ...
Actually I live in Salt Lake..n I want to join somewhere in SL itself......n der is no CL in SL...so i gotta choose b/w TIME n IMS. I will get study materials of CL from a senior, n i think study mat of CL r d best. So I need to decide d insti on d basis of faculty only.
Kindly help me decide...
Two will be enough , 3 will be a lot to do and will exhaust you completely before the real CAT.
Take AIMCAT(TIME) for sure , and either of SIMCAT(IMS) and PROCMOCKS(CL) can be effective.
With IMS's SIMCATS you can improve upon VA as it is undoubtedly the best.
Go for IMS,Sion without any doubt .
Its the best in mumbai .
Also, you can opt for TIME,andheri .
which set of exam will be better 2 choose:
1.aimcat and cl mock cats
2.simcat and aimcat
3.aimcat,simcat and cl mocks---all 3.
i m ,however,planning 2 gve only mock cats and jst take da course 'MBA on demand' of cl
----any other thng 2 do 4 preparation or any other cou...
Pls share the contact details of Patrick Sir (private coaching) so that we can join the same.
HI All,
I find here many people (working/non working) not sure as to join a coaching or not or which one to choose from the herd. I myself was in a dilemma exactly an year back and chose an institute after lot of thinking. But I would like to bring some points which I expereinced in my journe...
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Time, IMS, CL are all available at Thane and all are equally good. If you have already taken up CL, then look at Time or IMS.
The best coaching institute if you are looking at Private coaching is Patrick and Munira. As far as I know Munira has stopped conducting class for CAT. So the best opti...
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Hi Guys
Will you pls guide which coaching centre or private tutorial is better for CAT in Mumbai.
I am residing at Ghatkopar (Mumbai)
any recommendetion for coaching centre in in dore ? which 1 is better
I have done coaching from Cl Kanpur. Now I am residing at THANE(Mumbai). Any good coaching center for test series near by.
Thanks in advance