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Hi guyz..
i need ur help regarding this..im planning to write my cfa coming june...and i would like to know if there is anyway where we can get the indian version of the books or some kinnda.. cheap edition for the cfa books..the original costs 22000 which is extremely costly.....
i heard...
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spspsp u can get all you want from this shop call on their no. m.... 15 Oct '13.
thedaprateek U can call me at 9425129673. I will help u in providing v.... 11 Dec '13.
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Hi Vikas,
Thanks for your reply !! Do you have any contact no for these ...so that i can call them and check if they can courier me the material?
Thanks and regards,
I think it would be better to buy it from mumbai only. it will be cheaper. calculator was cheaper in om book center than anywhere in bangalore. some of my friend bought calculator from ebay also. notes om book is cheapest. call laxmi and om book and find the best price.
Pune i have no idea
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Hi All,
Can anyone please tell me where in pune can I find the Schweser notes ? and the BA plus calculator ?
Is it possible for some one to share contact details of laxmi xerox or om book centre in mumbai for a copy of CFA material?
I don't think u can find in bangalore. when i was in bagalore i bought from mumbai only. laxmi xerox or om book cnetre will courier it.
the institute books u wil get when u register. u can buy schweser notes from these shops.
Vikash Kumar
Class of 2010-12
Goa Institute of Management
from where I can buy CFA level 1 books in Bangalore
HI Rust in peace,
As u said u have materials in some pdf formats. Can u share those materials if its possible for u. Can you send it to me thru mail.
Hi Mihir,
I am starting my peraration for the CFA and need the info regarding the books. As u suggested regarding the different centres or shops proving the xeroxed material, i wanted to knoe if i need those books how to get in touch with the person....
Hello Puys
Glad to find a thread on CFA.. thanks to the initiator
i am a btech(2011) grad , i have my job joining date on oct 3rd in infosys.
i am quite interested in CFA certification...
i would request the puys to kindly throw some light on the future prospectus of completing ...
If u can devote 4-5 months to prep seriously, there is no need to go beyond official material...they are extremely well written books and easy to understand as well....
If u can not set aside that much time, schweser is ur best bet...covers everything well and some additional exam tips within ...
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Common Sense tells me that
1) All the different books will be covering the same curriculum as per LOS and CBOK.
2) That the material is grossly overpriced. I've studied a lot of those concepts in college from much cheaper books.
My Queries
1) I have pdfs of the Official CFA Prep Mater...
laxmi xerox:
cfa level1 notes:1400
BA 2 plus calc. :2200 with shipment
mahakali xerox:
notes:1200 with courier
now the question is:does the quality of notes vary between them as they are giving different figures or its just competition....I hope some one wit...
if give me your no i will contact for the material
my name is vaibhav ...
and i am interseted...please guide me.
Hello friends,
I am writing for L1 June 2011.
Any one from Jaipur? To form a study group and share material.
I am looking for the Schewser videos for L1 June 2011 and the Secret sauce aswell.
Tried to find them all over the internet but could not find them yet.
PM me if anyone wou...
CFA Level 1 Scheweser Notes available for pick-up in delhi.
- Book 1 to Book 5 covering complete course of December 2010 exam
- Spiral-bound photocopies bought from Laxmi Publication, Mumbai
Please PM for more details...
Anyone interested in preparing CFA Level 1 exam from Andhra Pradesh Please reply or personal msg me.
Anyoone in bangalore studying for CA Level 1. PLease let me know if you have any materials or you wanna study together.
same here guys, i am also planning to give CFA this december, I have no idea about it , and kind of help will be appreciated!!!
Hi friends i am from non commerce background. I am planning to give cfa in december. I dont have any knowledge how to start. So please guide me which books i should buy.