CAT 2012 Kerala study group Prep Resources

all cat aspirants 2012 are welcome to join this study group!! hope we ll hit the target..
Put down ur name here if u r from kerala and preparing for CAT 2012
1.Institute joined if any a
2.When did u start preparation.
3.Books u have or plan to buy.
4.Number of Hours a day u give ...
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@raku1989 enikku orma illa aliya... FT first n den i think it might be pgdm finance n all... dcp shud be last... nee evedeya work cheyunne? anyways nee ninde cat score vechu alle apply cheythe?? enittum dual country!!! ishvara!!! ende xat score vare koduthu!!enittum enne techu!! just like scmh...
IMT GD and interview was good. This DCP was my second preference after FT. So FT convert will depends on WL movement.Profile okke kanakkaneda. 2.5 years of work ex with decent acads.what was your preference order?
42 in Ops. Last time it went upto 60 plus. At the same time they had increased the number of seats by 15 last time. Athayathhu ramanaaa....im on the edge!!
@raku1989 aliya WL 42 in operation or overall enganeya??
sibm is moving fast... congrats da eni ninne kondu sibm shortlist pinneyum move aavum :D
Got imt dual country!!! Enthonadey ithu??? @raku1989 da sp jain wl 42 kittoole??? its a very good insti... n ninakkum dual country alle?? how was interview n gd? profile engeneya?
Not a great start at all!!!SPJain WL 42 and IMT PGDM Dual country program CONVERT!!
SIBM P - now at WL 58
@varathawins Dude, first of all, let me be very frank. Don't make MBA your passion. That is the lamest and dumbest thing you can ever do in your life. I can understand you wanting to be in an IIM, as many in PG wants to be, but don't make it your sole focus.
As you have said, you are from a m...
hello everybody. i'm varatharaj doing pre final year in mechanical engineering in coimbatore(tamilnadu).Right from the day i know about cat i started dreaming being an IIM er! MBA is my passion. im preparing for CAT 2013. As i was from a lower middle class background i cant afford to pay the coac...
@seetharam7Last year, they had very short interviews, so dunno what all the profs were looking for, but in my year and all the previous years, it was definitely your acads that they were looking for. Be thorough with couple of your subjects in Engg as well as your engg project. Somehow profs here...
Congrats BTW for the convert
Thanks man. Thinking the same thing. But it feels good to convert something
Dude I would recommend you to join NM only for its flagship Core MBA program. Besides, I'm sure you would get a better B-school
Just noticed that I converted NM capital market. I wasn't even waitlisted in the 1st list. I think I missed the deadline for sending the confirmation mail. Guys, any idea about capital market at NM ?
I am coming to NITIE on 5th for my interview Any tips ? Am a 2012 pass out. No work ex.
I guess, a lot of you guys are moving into B-Schools...
And I am moving out of it... Couldn't keep track of anything happening here, and dunno most of you... but good to see the Cochin Group that couple of us had started some years back still going strong...
Check out this song, if you wan...
Yup. Moved from 106 to 73. Will move again cause of the IIFT results. But I will convert only when the results of the new IIMs also come. That will take till May mid.
P.S. The above calculation is based on last year's WL movement.
the captain of this group is busy writing his XLRI convert speech i think...........@Kevin88 aliya ninne dufail ninnu naadukadathiyo??????