CAT 2012 Kerala study group Prep Resources

all cat aspirants 2012 are welcome to join this study group!! hope we ll hit the target..
Put down ur name here if u r from kerala and preparing for CAT 2012
1.Institute joined if any a
2.When did u start preparation.
3.Books u have or plan to buy.
4.Number of Hours a day u give ...
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Kerala Wolfpack scorecard for summers? :D

Pradyoth C John Senior Manager-Sales, WelathRays Securities Pvt. Ltd facebook.com/pradyothcjohn
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    Great to see the Last year's scorecard...
    MBA is gonna be a great learning curve for all of you (Not Just Acads..)..
    I am just done with mine and boy I miss those days.. Its one hell of an experience folks.. Make Merry.. have fun!!!
    PS - I am a passionate Mallu guy who was in this rat r...
    Converted IIM Kashipur. Not joining.
    jai89 Me too da :) . 01 Jul '13.
    Converted IIM Rohtak today. Not joining.
    Converted IIM L ABM yesterday night . Not joining.
    Sixth_Emperor @seetharam7 right decision... :) rock on in XL bro!!!..... 19 Jun '13.
    The latest news from the kerala wolfpack 2012 directly from XLRI
    Me n @Kevin88 are in the same class in BM and @seetharam7 is in HR v all r having sleepless nights from day 1 so mba is definitely not for the faint of heart..
    4 4 Comments
    raku1989 Seems like all three are busy watching out the CHICKens e.... 19 Jun '13.
    jai89 @raku1989 enter territory? :P he will have to guard the.... 26 Jun '13.
    Finally, the time has come to announce the KERALA WOLFPACK 2012 SCORECARD......
    WOLF ID ---------------------FINAL DEN FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS
    1.@pradyothcjohn -------------- IIM -I (Mumbai Campus) - Early wolf to leave the pack)
    2.@brandnewrap ----------------II...
    11 20 Comments
    raku1989 Its final. IITB it is !!. 19 Jun '13.
    thevicky @Ash27Winz Thanks dude. I haven't joined anywhere yet. Ho.... 26 Jun '13.
    Converted SIBM. End of an almost perfect season. Bloody IIMs. Everyone except them found me worthy.
    5 5 Comments
    Zedai @seetharam7 awesome bro!! CONGRATS!!. 04 Jun '13.
    seetharam7 @brandnewrap Yes sir !!! See you in XL-IIMC meets. :D . 04 Jun '13.
    AIMCAT 1420, anyone??
    seetharam7 Ask in the new group boss. :) . 04 Jun '13.
    Zedai @seetharam7 oops.. :P after reading Kevin's post i to.... 04 Jun '13.
    All my pics did not turn up in the post below !!
    I seem to have reneged on my duties as a CAPTAIN for sooo loong ...
    Looking back... I mean.... what a Year...
    FROM PSY....
    To US :
    @iimlover @joethaliath @Zedai @Vineeth555 @pakki007 @Ash27Winz @dvijaykrishnan @dead_alive @sriraman89 @thevicky @rohan_bhasker @pugna @pradyothcjohn @t...
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    Kevin88 @thomaschandy :P Some of the pics did not load !!... Pi.... 04 Jun '13.
    jai89 @Kevin88 __/\__ u inspire us in xlri too dude :) . 05 Jun '13.